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April Fools Day Pranks
April Fools Day Pranks

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What is April Fools day?

April Fools’ Day (also known as All Fools’Day) is a yearly festival in some European and Western nations celebrated on April 1 by playing pranks, Jokes and spreading deceptions.

what is april fool

Although The History of April Fool’s Day is unknown but many believes that it only dates back to the 16th Century. It started with a change in the Calender. The “New Year” celebration was moved from April 1st to January 1st.

Some People did not hear about this change for many years because Communication system was not as advance as it is now. Other ingnored the change, and continued to celebrate as always. These People were called “April Fools”. People then carry forward this tradition and started fooling and playing pranks with their friends and family every year on April First.

A few papers, magazines and other distributed media report unbelievable stories, which are usually clarified the following day or beneath the news segment in smaller letters. Although this day is being celebrated since the 19th century, the day is certifiably not an open holiday in any nation.

When is April Fools Day 2019 from NOW?

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april fools day pranks


April Fools Day

Top 9 April Fools Jokes for Office

April Fools Jokes

If You are feeling Bored at Work or you Just want to Play an Office Prank on your Mate or Its April Fools Day then this Post is Just for you.

We all have to work 5 to 6 Days a Week for Many Hours to earn our Livings and to pursue our Dreams. But in this Pursuit, our life become so Boring due to Same old Routine and Strict Office Rules.

But Not Everyone gets bored! Many people tend to find many ways, pranks and tricks to turn their boring office time into fun. They celebrate different events like Birthdays, Anniversary, Job Promotion, Christmas and April Fools Day etc. by throwing parties, or Pranking Others.

So If you are also thinking to turn your boring time into Fun on this April Fools Day then here are Top April Fools Jokes for you, which you can play at the Office.

April Fools Joke # 1: Well Dressed Chair

Lol! This Prank is Simple and Funny! Dress up the Chair of your Office mate Just like He does and Also Attach his Picture of the Face and Watch your Mate burst into Laugh.

April Fools Joke # 2: Spooky Spider Web

April Fools Jokes

This Haloween themed April Fool Joke is just awesome to try on your Office Mate! You can Find Spider Web Sprayer from online Stores. Just Spray it all over the Victim’s Room and Enjoy his Reaction and Struggle to clean this Mess.

If you want to Learn How to Make this Kind of Fake Spider Web then Click Here

April Fool’s Jokes for Office # 3: Snail Attack

Place Couple of Snails on the Desk of the Victim and Scare them out of the Chair when they find out!

April Fools Jokes # 4: Great Wall of Cups

April Fools Jokes

This Guy Finds his Mate Sleeping during Work, So taking advantage of the Situation he started stacking cup to build a Wall over Him.

It was Fun watching the wall fell over the Guy when he woke up. So why don’t you try this on your Friend too?

April Fools Jokes # 5: Keyboard’s Malfunctioning Keys

April Fools Jokes

This is Simplest but Good April Fools Joke! Just Change the arrangement of your office Mates Keyboard’s Keys. It would be fun Watching the victim getting Confused and trying to restart his computer as if there is some sort of Computer Virus or Keyboard Malfunction

Do You Know that not every time the Prank you play gives the Expected Results? It can Go Wrong! Read some Hilarious and Lesson Giving April Fools Prank Gone Wrong Stories And Watch Videos here:

April Fools Jokes for Office # 6: Toilet Desk

April Fools Jokes

If you Office Mate love going to toilet Again and Again during working hours then why not bringing toilet on their desk on this April Fool’s Day. It would be Fun watching his Awkward Face

April Fools Jokes # 7: Funny Wallpaper

These Guys Just placed the funny picture of their Office Colleague as Wallpaper of his Computer and Hid them with the application Windows. Just Watch his Reaction when he finds out. This is the simplest but funny prank which you can also play

April Fools Jokes for Office # 8: Balloon Flood

April Fools Jokes

Blowing This much balloon is a Hard work but its truely worth it to play an Office Prank on your mate on April Fool’s Day.

Teaming up with other Colleagues of yours to blow up that much balloons and just flooding the victim’s room with it can be an effective strategy

April Fools Jokes # 9: Water Cup Brigade

April Fools Jokes

So the last one in our List is Water Glass Prank. You can Surprise your Boss or Office mate by filling their room with Half Water filled Cups! it could turn out to be the Victim’s Nightmare if even one of the Glass Topples as it may lead to a Domino Effect causing other glasses to fell in a result flooding the Carpet with water! Arghh! The smell of Carpet floor is just Unbearable!

Top April Fools Pranks Which Are Harmless

Here is the List of Top April Fool’s Day Pranks which are Absolutely harmless:

april fools pranks

 #1: Frozen Breakfast:

April Fools Day Pranks


Frozen Breakfast

The prior night, fill a bowl most of the way with cereal and milk. Stop it when half full and in the first part of the day, include somewhat more cereal and milk, As a result Watching your children (or mate) hit their spoon into the solidified part in confusion would be Fun.

#2: Water Filled Upside Down Glasses

April Fools Day Pranks


Water Filled Upside Down Glasses
Warning: This may Make your Spouse MAD at you!

All you have to do is half fill two glass with water, cover it with card paper (obviously size would be greater than then glass’s circumference), and finally just do its upside Down, place it on a Table or slowly and precisely remove the card paper.

#3: Endless Loop of Shopping Carts around the Car

April Fools Day Pranks


Endless Loop of Shopping Carts around the Car

Warning: Don’t do it with your boss for the reason that this maybe your last day on Job, But this would be an absolute fun to do such a prank on a friend who has gone shopping .. hahaha

#4: Wrap the Car with Plastic

April fools prank


Wrap the Car with plastic

Lol! This April fools prank is something which would consequently make the victim shocked and mad if he/she is in a hurry but you can give a justification that you were protecting his/her car from scratches 😀

#5: A Unusable Soap:

April Fools Day Pranks


Coat the Soap with Clear Nail Polish

Take a bar of soap, and paint its whole surface with clear nail polish. therefore When somebody endeavors to utilize the bar of soap, it won’t produce a foam as it is Sealed! Congratulation! You have saved a Soap from getting consumed 😉

Above all It is good to Enjoy and Make Fun of others until and unless it wont hurt them. so Playing Such a Pranks which are absolutely harmless would make the April first; The Fools Day Delighted

Top April Fool’s Prank Ever on Youtube

Best April Fools Day Pranks

No doubt that Fools Day can turn out to be most Insane and Hilarious day by playing such a prank which consequently goes viral if their videos are uploaded on Social Media platforms like YouTube. Here are Top the Most Viral April Fools Pranks videos which you would love to watch.

#1: Best Classroom April Fools Prank Ever

April Fool Video # 1 –
Best Classroom April Fools Prank Ever

This Video on YouTube is So Damn Hilarious! This was an April Fool’s Day prank played on Professor of Macroeconomics by his students in Aquinas College. This Video Went Viral and has 59 Million Views until Now.

#2: Rihanna Pranks Jimmy Kimmel on April Fool’s Day!

April Fool Video # 2 –
Kimmel on April Fool’s Day

Every One Knows Rihanna and Of course She has huge fan following. So If you are Her Fan then this Video is for You. This Video has got 31 Million view till now.

#3: 10 Funny April Fools Pranks!! – How To Prank

April Fool Video # 1 –
10 Funny April Fools Pranks

This video is on 3rd on my Top 3 List which is absolutely a must watch.
howtoPRANKitup made This video and it has 29 million views.


All the content in this video is published strictly for comedic relief. The following pranks are performed by professionals. Therefore howtoPRANKitup or aprilfoolsdayprank.com does not condone any action you take upon watching the following video and will not be liable for any losses, damages, or criminal charges received in connection with any reenactments. Prank at your own risk.

Not Every Prank have Good Ending, Check out the links below for April Fools Prank Gone Wrong Videos and Stories:

9 Best April Fools Prank Gift Ideas

Best April Fools Prank Gift Ideas

Playing Pranks, Trolling and Teasing someone is something everyone despite their ages and gender love doing especially on April Fools Day. Whether it be pulling a chair from the back of someone or Scaring anyone with Party Poppers. Everyone always come up with new and hilarious April Fools Prank Ideas each year. So Why not doing something Unique this Year to make this Day Memorable and Hilarious them ever before.

So here are some the Best April Fools Prank Gift Ideas to Celebrate this event. These awesome, funny and Low-Cost Prank Gifts would definitely make them laugh, Troll and embarrassed at the same time.

Prank Gift Idea # 1: April Fools Day Cake

Prank Gift Idea # 1: April Fools Day Cake

Almost every celebration is incomplete without Cake. So why not Gifting your Friend, Family or Office mate this Awesome Cake. Best thing is.. you don’t need to be a Baking Expert for this.

All you need are a couple of Toilet Paper Rolls, Few Gas Relief Medicines, Toilet Cleaning Brush, Air Freshener and anything you like. Tie them up with a Tape to give a shape like of a Multiple Layer Cake.

Pack it in a Cake Box and Dispatch it to the victim. Even better is to take it to the victim’s place by yourself and Enjoy watching their expressions.

Prank Gift Ideas # 2: Wireless Hands-Free for Cell Phones

Prank Gift Ideas # 2: Wireless Hands-Free for Cell Phones

Gift your Friend this Brand New Hands-free for Cell Phones on April Fools Day. They would definitely love it as its Wireless, Tangle Free and Hassle-Free Features are just Awesome. hahahaha.. It can also work as a Hair Band for Girls.

Best April Fools Prank Gift Ideas # 3: Natural Bubble Bath

Best April Fools Prank Gift Ideas # 3: Natural Bubble Bath

Why Buying Expensive Bubble Bath Products when you have All Natural Beans with absolutely No side Effects.

All You need to do is:

  • Eat Beans
  • Wait for One Hour
  • Fit the Bath Tub
  • Enjoy your Natural and Magical Bubble Bath

You can even Gift it to your Friends or Office Mate on this April Fools Day. Maybe he is dumb enough to try it. 😀

Prank Gift Ideas # 4: Apple iPhone as a Gift

Prank Gift Ideas # 4: Apple iPhone as a Gift

ROFL! This Prank would be the roller coaster Ride of Emotions of the Victim. Do you know an Office Mate who loves to eat from your lunch box or Your Friend who keep on asking you to buy Lunch or dinner? Then Enjoy this Delicious April Fools Food with them on April First.

I would love to see my friend’s expressions when he Founds out an Apple iPhones box inside the Lunchbox.

Best April Fools Prank Gift Ideas # 5: A Bag Full of Nothing

When I ever I ask my friend what he wants on his birthday, he always says “Nothing”. So how come I couldn’t fulfill his wish. So I Packed these Empty Plastic Bags within couple of Boxes place one inside another. Filled those boxes with Newspapers and Stones to give it some weight. I remember His Funny and Disgusting expressions while unboxing this.

So Why not you try this Prank Gift Idea on April Fools Day and give them a Surprise.

Prank Gift Ideas # 6: Dental Medicine Bookey

Prank Gift Ideas # 6: Dental Medicine Bookey

Send your Friend or family a Beautiful Dental Medicine’s Bookey on this April Fools Day as Flower Bookeys are too damn mainstream.

Even I am thinking of sending this Special Bookey to my friend with quite a Bad Breath on this April Fools.

Best April Fools Prank Gift Ideas # 7: Frozen Money

My Son has always ask me for money to buy Candies and Ice cream. In fact He prefers Cash over Gifts on his Birthday or other Occasions. So I decided on to Prank him on this April Fools Day when He as always asked me for money I handed over Him this Box of Ice with a Dollars frozen within. Lol! He had to wait all along to melt the ice and get his money out. I loved watching his Expressions.

Prank Gift Ideas # 8: Expert Level Jigsaw Puzzle

Prank Gift Ideas # 7: Expert Level Jigsaw Puzzle

Lol! Jigsaw Puzzle Difficulty is taken to the Next Level. 😀

Prank Gift Ideas # 9: Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Balls Prank

Prank Gift Ideas # 8: Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Balls Prank

I have been sharing many April Fools Prank Ideas make out of Brussel Sprouts like Lolipop Prank and More. So this one is even more delicious. All you need is Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Wrappers and Box. Pack the Brussel Sprouts in the Golden wrap and Place it into the box just like in the picture above. I would suggest you cover the Brussel Sprouts with the Molten chocolate before wrapping to give it more Genuine Look.

Giving Chocolate as a Gift is something very common so the victim won’t find it suspicious for sure. Enjoy their weird faces while they are eating it 😀

These were some of the cute, silly, funny, dumb but best April Fools Prank Gift Ideas you can find on the Internet. If you have tried any of these or If have any idea other than these, then share it with us via Email or leaving a Comment Below.

If You are Looking for Ideas for April Fools Pranks for Adults then watch this video:


Best April Fools Pranks for Kids

april fools pranks for Kids

As April Fools Day is near, We all are planning to Celebrate this Day with our friends and Family with lots of Pranks and Tricks. As Kids are too sensitive and soft-hearted to bare Severe and Extreme Levels of Pranks so I am Sharing with you the List of Best April Fools Pranks for Kids which are totally harmless, simple and Fun to Play on them.

April Fools Prank Idea # 1: A Kid with a Mustache

april fools pranks for Kids

You can Just troll your kid on April Fools Day by making Mustaches and Beard out of Black Marker while He/She is Sleeping. Remember using Easy to Wash Marker only as the other make take days to completely wipe out.

April Fools Prank Idea # 2: A Cockroach within a Lamp

april fools pranks for Kids

If your kid is afraid of cockroaches then this April Fools Prank Idea can turn out to be fun. Just Cut out a Black Paper in the shape of an Insect, and Stick it inside the lamp (as shown in the picture). Try doing it when your kid is already asleep so you couldn’t get caught.

April Fools Prank Idea # 3: A Scary Old Man Sleeping Beside

Lol! this April Fools Prank for Kid can turn out to be Fun and may make your kid pee in pants out of fear. Be prepared to hear Yells and Noice at any instance.

April Fools Prank Idea # 4: A Balloon Brigade

Sticking a Dozen of Balloons on the Door of your Kid’s Room while He/She is already in the Room can be quite Surprising and Fun when the Door is Opened. This Prank can also be Played on Birthday Celebrations.

April Fools Prank Idea # 5: Grape Cream Eggs

Kids and even Adults love Eating the Cadbury Cream Eggs. Even I am so fond of it but Eating too much may damage your teeth. If your Kid is also addicted to it and has habbit of peaking into to Cream Egg jars then this Prank can be Real Fun on April Fools Day.

Just Wrap some of the Grapes with the Cream Egg Wrappers and Replace and mix them with the Original Ones. Enjoy their Reactions when they will find out.

April Fools Pranks for Kids # 6: A Special Lollipop

You can serve your Kids with these special Lollipops look alike on April Fools Day to Play Prank on them. Using Cabbage like Brussels sprout can be you Best Choice due to their Size and shape matches the real lollipop heads.

Do you want to Know about the Origin of April Fools Day? If Yes! then click on the link Below:

April Fools Prank Idea # 7: Fool’s Doughnut Box

april fools pranks for Kids

This Special April Fools Doughnut box can be Quite a Surprise for your Kid. I just want to Play this one on my Kid on this April Fools Day as He Hates eating vegetables. hahahaha.. I can even Imagine his Reaction from now on.

April Fools Prank Idea # 8: Play Dough Chewing Gum

Just Roll and Cut the “Play Dough” to the size of a Chewing Gum Stick and Wrap it with your Kid’s or Friend’s Favorite Chewing Gum Wrapper. Offer them One and Enjoy watching their Awkward Looks .. hahaha

April Fools Prank Idea # 9: Jelly Juice

Last Year I Just pored a Red Colored Jelly into a Glass and Added a Straw to give it a Strawberry Juice look. Kept it into the Fridge for Some Time and served it to my Kid on April Fools Day.

april fools pranks for Kids

I was just laughing at him as he was struggling to suck it from the straw. His Expression were memorable. You can try this one on your Kid too. 🙂 and do share your experience with me in the comment section.

April Fools Prank Idea # 10: A Cardboard Computer

You can Replace your Kid’s Computer and Telephone on his Room’s Desk with these Cardboard Models. When he/she comes back from School or April First this would shock him/her for some time.

April Fools Pranks for Kids # 11: Blocked Shampoo Bottle

Just Place a Transparent Paper between the Cap and the bottle of your Kid’s Shampoo, Oil or Conditioner on April Fools Day. It would be Fun watching them Shaking and Squeezing the Bottle like dumb. Lol!

April Fools Prank Idea # 12: A Brand New iPhone

Its Birthday, Easter, Eid, Christmas or April Fools Day, Gifts are always part of an event Celebration. Even our Kids get too excited when they receive gift. so why not playing a Prank to them on April Fools Day by gifting them a Brand New iPhone (Made out of Play Dough).

I Know its quite difficult to make a Beautiful iPhone like as in the above image but why not giving a try 🙂

April Fools Prank Idea # 13: Creepy Doll Head Lamp

Almost every house with kids have dolls which are broken or abandoned. So Why not Recycle them into a Lamp on this April Fools Day. All you need to do is Replace Lamp’s Umbrella with the Doll’s Head and place it into your kid’s Room. It would look cute in the Day Light but It would creep your kid out at night. Scaring them once on April Fools Day would not be that bad.

April Fools Prank Idea # 14: Ribbons on the Door Prank


This Simple April Fools Prank can bring a Priceless Smile on your Kid’s Face. Just Enjoy the moment with this simple Trick. Remember to capture the moments in the Camera to show them later when they are grown up.

April Fools Prank Idea # 15:


Before Winding up this section I would want you to watch this Video for More Prank Ideas for Kids:


So these were some the cutest, dumbest, funniest, silliest April Fools Pranks for Kids. Remember these (maybe) Silly looking Prank Ideas are Enough for your Kids to give them a Smile because playing Extreme or Adult Pranks may turn harmful for them.

Top 11 April Fools Prank Ideas which are Harmless

Playing Pranks and having Fun with Friends, family or Office Mates on April Fools Day is always a treat but We should keep in mind the Safety of the Victims too. Here are some of the most Awesome April Fools Prank Ideas which are absolute Fun but the Safety Ensured.

Prank Idea # 1:

april fools prank ideas

This Prank would be an Ultimate Troll to your Boss or Office Mate. All you need is Dozen of Balloons and a Tape. Just Inflate the Balloons and tie them up together and Tape it to the Door’s Window. All Set! It would give an illusion of Room being full with balloons and for sure victi would never dare to Open the Room’s door.

Prank Idea # 2:

april fools prank ideas

Lol! The Image Above says it All. Just a Inch of a Tape pasted under the mouse over its laser sensor would make the mouse totally useless. Just Do it and see the Victim struggling with wire and Shaking the Mouse all along.

Prank Idea # 3:

april fools prank ideas

This is Evil! Imagine walking down the Street and you see a 100$ Note lying on the way, You would
certainly grab it on a your first glance but What if the Note is just Fake?

You can do the Same with others especially on jammed streets! It would be an Ultimate Troll 😀

Prank Idea # 4:

april fools prank ideas

This prank is fun at a restaurant whenever someone gets up from the table.

All You will need is a Salt Sprinklers, A Tissue Napkin and Black Pepper.

  1. Just take the lid off the Salt Bottle.
  2. Rip the Small section of a Tissue Napkin
  3. Place the Napkin over the Top of the Salt Bottle and press down with your finger a little, Creating a Small Pocket.
  4. Fill the Pocket up with the Pepper. (Note: You can also use red chili or the edible powders too instead of Black Pepper)
  5. Lastly, Just Screw the Lid back And Rip of the Extra Napkin to give it an original look.

That’s It! Just wait for Someone else to use the Salt and Look for their reaction!

Prank Idea # 5:

april fools prank ideas

This April Fools Prank Idea would give an absolute gross for a Victim. All you need is Cling Wrap. Wrap it all over the Toilet Seat. and Its done! You can imagine yourself what could happen next.

It can also be an ultimate lesson for a guy who pees while standing and contaminating the Toilet seat for others.

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Prank Idea # 6:

april fools prank ideas

Your Kid does not like to eat vegetables or prefer Junk Foods or Candies over Healthy Things or you just want to play an April Fools Prank with your friend or Family then this one could be Fun. All you need is:

  1. Cabbage (Brussels sprouts) which are / should be the size of Lolly pop and Lolly Sticks
  2. Lollypop Sticks
  3. Molten Chocolate.

Insert the Stick in Cabbage, Dip it in the Chocolate and Sprinkle some toppings. Ans its Done. Just left it to Dry.

You Prank Dish is Ready to Be Served. 😀

Prank Idea # 7:

april fools prank ideas

Everyone loves Chocolate, But what if you get a Grape instead of it. This Prank Idea is Cute for Kids. Just wrap the Grapes with the Chocolate covers (As seen in the Picture) and just wait for your kid to Eat it.

You can double the Fun my diping the grape in molten chocolate, and left it to try and later cover them with is Foils. and See your Kid giving weird Expressions while eating them 😀

Prank Idea # 8:

april fools prank ideas

Lol! Pasting Such Pictures on the Glass of the Door would be funny to slightly scare your kids.

Such act was done by a kid in school. Many cute little kids were too scared to open the door or get out of the class

Prank Idea # 9:

april fools prank ideas

Lol! Doing this is a Bit time consuming but it would create an instant mess for the victim So its a Simple but Evil Prank Idea. Just set it up and see your Office mate trying to gather all these scattered cups from the floor.

Prank Idea # 10:

april fools prank ideas

Lol! this April Fools Prank would be the Easiest and can be the Funniest of all especially done with the Girls. It gives an impression of having something like lizard or spider under it. So leave an upside down cup with the messages written “Dont lift unless you are ready to kill it” on your Colleagues desk on April Fools Day and watch the Fun 😀

Prank Idea # 11:

april fools prank ideas

Ahmm Cockroaches scare me to so this is something I would want someone to do with me :/ but doing it with someone else would me a treat to watch especially if such lamp is in bedroom. Just cut a Card in a shape of Cockroach, paste it under the Lamp as shown in the picture and Just wait for night. All you will hear would be a scream 😀

So these were the Simplest, Economical, harmless but Full of Fun April Fool’s Prank Ideas.

8 Best April Fools Pranks for Adults Videos

april fools pranks for adults videos

April Fools Day is being Celebrated for Centuries now. People use to play some simple and Hilarious pranks but not all of them we would know as there were no camera or recorders at that time. But with time as Technology has taken over the world, people are using it to celebrate this April Fools in a better way and share their experience on different social media platforms too.

Today I am sharing with you some the Best April Fools Pranks for Adults Videos which people have on different social media platforms. Even you can also share it on our website by sending your videos on our email address and even on our Social Media Pages.

April Fools Prank Video # 1: Exploding Cigarette Prank

April Fools Prank Video # 1: Exploding Cigarette Prank

Smoking is indeed very injurious to health but many are still risking their lives with it. But these guys thought of teaching a lesson to their Cigarette Addicted Friends on April Fools Day with a Exploding Cigarette. Watch and Enjoy this Hilarious Prank Video.

This Video was Shared by @goubtube @theneilhenry

April Fools Pranks for Adults Video # 2: Electric Taser Prank

April Fools Pranks for Adults Video # 2: Electric Taser Prank

Office Pranks are quite Famous even if it not April Fools Day. People just love to prank and tease their Office mates and even sometimes they dare to prank their Boss too. This Electric Taser prank is Simple, funny and enough to scare your victim out of their skins. Watch and enjoy.

Do you Know? Even Tech Giants Like Google play Awesome, Clever and Hilarious Pranks on every April Fools Day. Click on the Link below to Know more:

Top Google April Fools Pranks

April Fools Prank Video # 3: Puppet in the Toilet Prank

April Fools Prank Video # 3: Puppet in the Toilet Prank

Whether Its Christmas , Easter, Diwali or April Fools Day, Playing Pranks is something common in them. Watch how these guys placed a Puppet Santa in the Toilet to Scare their Friend. I think its a Good April Fools Pranks Idea you can try on this April Fools Day.

April Fools Pranks for Adults Video # 4: Snake Prank

April Fools Pranks for Adults Video # 4: Snake Prank

Ah! This Snake Prank would even scare me to hell. Just watch this Video and See the Hilarious Reactions of the victims when they saw a Snake behind them. Lol! This Prankster deserves a Clap.. hahahaha…

April Fools Prank Video # 5: Giant Creepy Spider Prank

April Fools Prank Video # 5: Giant Creepy Spider Prank

Just like the Above Snake Prank, this Guy took the Prank into next level by using a Giant Creepy Spider on strangers. Watch the Video to see How people ran for their Lives after watching a Giant Spider after them.

Click on the Link If you want to Know Where did April Fools Day come from?

Best April Fools Pranks for Adults Video # 6: Balloon Explode Prank

April Fools Pranks for Adults Video # 6: Balloon Explode Prank

Even a small Explosion or a Sound can scare us if we are indulged in something else. That is how our body reflexes work. so why not taking advantage of such Reflexes on this April Fools Day by using a Balloon and a Pin for exploding it behind someone how has absolutely no clue that what is going to happen next. Enjoy their reactions. Some of the Funny Reactions are even caught in this Video. DO watch it.

April Fools Prank Video # 7: Hide inside the Bin Prank

April Fools Prank Video # 7: Hide inside the Bin Prank

If you are Working at a Hotel or someplace where you could find giant bins then this Prank is for you. Just hid inside these bin with come fabrics to cover yourself and wait for someone to come near it. Just watch this ROFL Video to find out for How this Lady played this April Fools Prank flawlessly.

April Fools Prank Video # 8: Giant Hand Prank

April Fools Prank Video # 8: Giant Hand Prank

Congratulations! You are now going to watch the best and Hilarious April Fools Pranks for Adult Video of this Post. OMG! these guys just taken the April Fools Office Prank to the Next Level. Watch this Video and do let us know about your reviews.

For More Office Prank Videos you can also Check out these links:

These were some of the Best April Fools Pranks for Adult Video I found out on the internet. No Doubt these guys celebrated the Last April Fools Day with so much fun. If you have any April Fools Prank ideas and Videos then feel free to Share it with us via Email or Comments.

Top April Fools Food Prank Ideas

April Fools Food

April Fools Day is being Celebrated for Ages Now and People around the World celebrate it with their own Customs and Names. When it comes to Celebrating an event we just ignore Special Food so why not having some special food for April Fools Day Also.

Here are some of the Awesome April Fools Food Prank Ideas which you can Prepare for your Friends and Family to celebrate April Fools Day in a Unique and Memorable Way.

April Fools Prank Idea # 1: A Cake Bomb

April Fools Food

This April Fools Food Prank Idea is one of the Best in my list (Other one is at the Last). If you know someone whose birthday is on April First then you are lucky enough to Celebrate his/her birthday and April Fools Day with this Awesome Prank Idea.

A Birthday Without Cake is Incomplete so Why not make a Cake for the Birthday Boy or Girl?

See the Picture Above or Follow the Instructions Stated Below to make a Surprise Cake:

Things you Require:
  • An Empty Cereal Box with one Side removed as Shown in the Picture above
  • A Tape
  • An Inflated Balloon
  • Cream used to Garnish a Cake (Cool Whip)
  • Edible Sprinklers for Cake’s Topping

Note: You can use other things to give this Cake a Natural Look.

Just Tape an Inflated balloon on the Inside of A Cereal Box, Cover it with White Cream, Sprinkle some Toppings and Keep it in the Refrigerator for Freezing. Freezing will cause the Air inside the Balloon to Compress giving the cake a Flat Cubic Shape.
Just Serve this Special Cake Bomb and Enjoy the Balloon Bursting Party 😀

April Fools Prank Idea # 2: An Egg made out of Yogurt

April Fools Food

You can make this Egg from Yogurt and a Yoke Colored Paste and Serve it to your kids on April Fools Day and Enjoy their Special and Cute Looking Expressions.

April Fools Prank Idea # 3: Worm Looking Jelly

april fools food

If your Kid Loves jelly this Ugly looking Dish would be a Good Choice for April Fools Day.
All you need is a Bunch if Straws and a Liquified Jelly. Pack Straws into a cup and secure them with a Rubberband. Pour Jelly into each straw carefully and wait until jelly solidifies. Pick out Each Straw and rinse them with warm water until Worms are Released from within. Serve them to your Kids or eat in front them to enjoy their awkward and disgusting looks.

April Fools Prank Idea # 4: Carrot Candy

april fools food

Your Kid is a Candy Lover? then why not Playing this Prank to them and make them Laugh. All you need are few of your Kid’s Favourite Candy wrappers and Narrow ends of the carrot. Cover the Carrots with the Wrappers and serve this April Fools Food to your kid.

Remember Playing Pranks Which are Harmless because these Prank can go Wrong in a Worst Way. You can Watch Prank Gone Wrong Videos and Read Stories by visiting the Links Below:

April Fools Prank Idea # 5: Frozen Cereals

Many of us love to have cereals at the Breakfast. So why not serving Special Breakfast to your Family on April Fools Day. Just Freeze some bowls of Milk and Cereals with the Spoon in and serve them to your Family the next morning and Enjoy their reactions.

You can Also just freeze it without a spoon and Enjoy them Struggling with their spoons at next breakfast.

April Fools Prank # 6: Cheese Puff Whoppers

april fools food

Whoppers : The Malted Milk balls covered with chocolates are just Love. Why not serving them to your friend or Family with a Twist. All you need are a Dozens of Cheese Puffs, Cover them up with Molten Chocolate and Leave them to Dry. Just put them in Whooper’s Box and Serve it to the Victim. Enjoy Pranking Them

April Fools Prank # 7: Tooth Friendly Oreo

april fools food

This Last April Fools Food is an Awesome way to play a Prank on your Friends or Family and Enjoy watching them spitting out Oreo out of Disgust. Just Replace the Yummy White Cream between Oreo Cookies with the Safe Edible Toothpaste and Serve them to the Victim.

For More April Fools Food Prank Ideas Watch this Video:


So these were some the Awesome April Fools Food Prank Ideas which I hope you have loved. You can Share more of your Ideas in the Comment section.

Funny April Fools Day Jokes for Adults

Funny April Fools Day Jokes

If you are Prank and Tricks lover or love to prank your friends and family especially on April Fools Day then this post is Just for you. I am sharing with you 7 Funny April Fools Day Jokes which you can play to initially horrify and then delight your friends or Family.

April Fools Day Joke # 1: Shopping Cart Prank

Make a Ring of shopping carts around your Friend / Victim’s Parked car.

Lol! I am Dying to Play this Prank with my friend who also works at a Shopping Store! I know It would be a Bit hard to Collect that much Carts and Making such a Ring. But I am Sure If I am Able to Convince his Job mates to get along with me to make it Possible.

If you are able to Play this prank on anyone do let us know in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

April Fools Day Jokes # 2; Super Blast Air Horn beneath the Chair

I Am Warning YOU! Don’t you dare do it with your Boss! hahahaha! I remember doing it with my Office Mate on April Fools Day. All I did was Taping a Hand Pump air horn beneath His Office’s Chair and hid it with already hanging Coat.

He was so messed up already due to the workload that he just sat on the chair without noticing and Fell from it the very next moment after the blast. Lol! Everyone in the room were just laughing at him.

So Why don’t you try it with your Office’s Mate or Friend on this coming April Fools Day!

April Fools Day Joke # 3; The Clown Car

Imagine You are going out to drive your car and You just can’t even recognize it. This could happen to you most probably on April Fools Day If someone covers your car with Multicolored Sticky Notes (Post-it Notes) like as in Above Image.

So Why not playing this prank on your friends before someone else plays on you and Enjoy watching them plucking out these sticky notes one by one or maybe lasy enough and drives his/her car the same way.

April Fools Day Jokes # 4; The Keyboard Garden

This April Fools Day Joke could be time-consuming so you have to work this out at least 7 days before. All you need is Indoor Plants Seeds. Just Open the Cover of a the Victim’s Keyboard, Place a paper around the Keys and Spread the Seeds and Soil. Spray Some water and replace the Keyboard’s cover. The Victim would Totally be shocked and clueless by the results.

Note: All plants seed have their own requirements like sunlight, water etc. to grow. Do read all the instructions on the Seed’s Packet before setting up this prank.

April Fools Day Jokes # 5: I Just want to see you all around Me!

ROFL! Pasting your Boss’s Pictures all around your Office Mate’s Room can be an Absolute Prank Idea. You can even Prank your Boss like this If you have guts to do so.

Other than this You can even prank your Wife by Pasting her Pictures all around your Room to Show How much you love her.. hahaha

If you want to Know About the History of April Fools Day then Click on the link Below:

April Fools Day Joke # 6: Whistle Tail-Pipe Prank

Source: Prankked.com

This one was an evil April Fools Day Jokes Idea which I found on the Internet.

Here are the Instructions on How to Set up this Prank:

  • Things you are going to need are: Steel Body Blowing Whistle, Duct Tape and a Knife or Cutter Blade
  • Wrap the Opening of the Car’s Exhaust Tail Pipe with a Duct Tape
  • Make a Cut on opening side of the Tail Pipe
  • Enter the Whistle’s Mouth through the Cut. (Note: Enter only the Whistle’s Mouth and left open the top hole of the Whistle to let the air pass through it)

I am sure this would be an ultimate fun to watch the victim confused with the whistle’s sound until he founds out.

April Fools Day Joke # 7: Clown Face

Why not organizing a sleepover with your friends on April Fools Day and Just play an April Fools Day Joke on them by Decorating their face horribly when they are asleep.

You can also take their pictures and share it on Social Media and have fun.

April Fools Day Joke # 8:

A friend of mine played this April Fools Day Prank on his Boss by Pasting his Boss’s Picture on the inside of Head Section on Photocopier Machine. In a Result His Boss’s Face appeared on every Photocopy produced.

Even you can try this one at your Own Risk as You may lose your job if caught. hahaha.

So these were some of the Funny April Fools Day Jokes which you can play with your friends and Family on April Fools Day. Hope you liked it. If you have more Prank Ideas then feel free to share it with us by writing us a comment.

For more April Fools Prank Ideas watch this Video:

8 Best April Fools Jokes for You

april fools jokes

No doubt April Fools Day is celebrated worldwide to play pranks on your family and friends as well as strangers but sometimes these April Fools Jokes get ourselves and even the victim into huge trouble by doing something really off the limits, rules or ignoring the safety measures.

Today I am giving you the Best April Fools Jokes Ideas which are absolutely harmless but with so much Fun.

April Fools Joke # 1: Balloon Behind the Door

april fools jokes

So first in our list is the Simplest one. You can set it up in minutes. All you need is:

  • Inflated balloon
  • A Thumb Pin
  • Few Length of a Tape.

Just paste the Pin behind the Door with a Tape (As shown in the picture) and Place the Inflated balloon at behind to in such a way that if the door opens, Thumb Pin should touch the balloon to make it burst.

I am sure the victim would be hell scared when he/she opens the door! You can do it in the Office, Classroom or even in your sibling’s room.

April Fools Joke # 2: TV with the Loud Sound Prank

april fools jokes

This one is the Simplest but Pain in the Head Prank. All you need are Two Remote Controllers for the Same Television Set. Stick a Tape on the Infrared sensor of the Remote and place it near the Television.

When the Victim is nearby the TV Set, just Turn the Television ON with your extra Remote Controller and Turn the Volume level to the Loudest. Just run away from the Place and Let the Victim Bear the agony of the Loud sound and Enjoy his struggling with the No Working Remote Controller.


April Fools Jokes # 3: Occupied Toilet

april fools jokes

This one is My Favourite among all April Fools Jokes. Doing so in a Public or Office Toilet would be so much Fun. You just need a Pair of Long Shoes (Too give the Jeans as look as it is worn), A jeans and the Best Time to place it on the Toilet seat when no one would be able to see your evil deed. 😀

I bet people would wait for hours outside but don’t even bother to check the real situation. For Me it took 6 hours for people to check why the hell is someone inside for hours.

April Fools Joke # 4: Yell Hi Jason!

april fools jokes

Lol! this one is Just awkward for the Victim and Fun for you. But a Bit difficult to place such a Message behind the victim’s vehicle without getting yourself noticed. If you are able to do so, then Just sit beside your Victim and enjoy his/her expressions when Strangers would Honk, Wave and Yell his/her name along with a Laugh. I would love to do this with my Friend .. hahaha

April Fools Joke # 5: Cups all around the Assembly Hall

april fools jokes

This April Fools Joke was played by my Friend in 2012 when he Along with his friends managed to Get hundreds of Plastic cups and placed it in the Assembly Hall after the School Time was over.

According to Him School’s Staff was just clueless the very next day, and it took them hours to clean the mess up. So this April Fools Joke is a Bit difficult to set up but if done it would be an Absolute memorable April Fools Day.

April Fools Jokes # 6: Deck of Cards on the ceiling fan.

My brother is so much Fond of Playing Cards and he has Hundreds of it of different kinds. So Last April Fools Day when He was out with friends I Just get my hand on Dozens of his Cards and Placed them Precisely on his Room’s Ceiling Fan. Later it was an absolute fun watching him picking up is cards from all over his room.. hahaha…

April Fools Joke # 7: Marry Me

Lol! If I were a Coffee Shop or a Restaurant owner I would definately play this Prank on April Fools Day. Just Selectively placing a Cup of Coffee with the Message “MARRY ME” in front of Random Girl setting with their Guy making sure only one girl in a Session.

Offcourse not all of them would be there as a Date. So When their coffee finishes It would hilarious to watch different girls giving different reaction to their male Companions.

April Fools Jokes # 8: Get out

april fools jokes

Lol! This one is a Bit scary but definitely it can be an Ultimate prank for the Victim who actually believes in Some kind of Predator Animals as shown in the Movies. As you can see in the Image Above it gives the impression that someone is being attacked and then sucked in through that Vent. So doing so in the Hotel Room when checking out or with your faint-hearted Friend can a Treat to Watch.

So these were some of the Simplest but Hilarious April Fools Jokes. Even You can Share your Ideas and Experiences in the Comment section so we can include them in our next list along with your Name.

So What are you waiting for? Just write down your Prank Idea in the Comment below and get yourself featured in our Next April Fools Pranks Ideas Post.