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April Fools Day Pranks
April Fools Day Pranks

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What is April Fools day?

April Fools’ Day (also known as All Fools’Day) is a yearly festival in some European and Western nations celebrated on April 1 by playing down to earth jokes and spreading deceptions.

what is april fool

Individuals playing April Fool jokes frequently uncover their trick by yelling “April fool(s)” at the heart-breaking victim(s). therefore the jokes and their exploited people are called April fools.

A few papers, magazines and other distributed media report counterfeit stories, which are usually clarified the following day or beneath the news segment in smaller letters. Although prominent since the 19th century, the day is certifiably not an open holiday in any nation.

When is April Fools Day 2019 from NOW?

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April Fools Day

History | Origin of April Fools Day

history of april fools day

The Roman or “pre-Julian” calendar was certainly made amid the establishing of Rome and is accepted to have been a lunar calendar. The schedule initially comprised of empty months that were 29 days in length or entire months that had 30 days.

Around 753 BCE (Before Common Era):

april fools day origin


The Julian Calendar

The first Roman calendar was probably originated by Romulus, the main ruler of Rome, at around 753 BCE (Before Common Era). The Calendar began the year in March (Martius) and comprised of 10 months, with a half year of 30 days and 4 months of 31 days. The winter season was not relegated to any month, so the schedule year just kept going 304 days with 61days unaccounted for in the winter.

Calendar of Romulus:

  • Martius – 31 Days
  • Aprilis – 30 Days
  • Maius – 31 Days
  • Iunius – 30 Days
  • Quintilis – 31 Days
  • Sextilis – 30 Days
  • September – 30 Days
  • October – 31 Days
  • November – 30 Days
  • December – 30 Days

Around 700 BCE:

The 304-day Roman calendar didn’t work for long in light of the fact that it didn’t line up with the seasons. Ruler Numa Pompilius improved the calendar around 700 BCE by including the long periods of January (Ianuarius) and February (Februarius) to the first 10 months, which expanded the year’s length to 354 or 355 days.

Around 44 BCE:

The expansion of January and February most noteworthy implied that a portion of the months’ names never again concurred with their situation in the calendar (September – December). The month Quintilis was renamed July to pay tribute to Julius Caesar (who was conceived in July) in 44BCE and Sextilis was renamed August to pay tribute to Augustus (who was conceived in August) in 8 BCE.

The Roman calendar was as yet defective subsequent to including January and February, and furthermore the days and months expected to keep the calendar in accordance with the seasons. Numerous tries were made to adjust the calendar to the seasons however all fizzled. An additional month (intercalary month) was added to the calendar in a few years to compensate for the absence of days in a year.

april fools day origin


Julius Caesar

At the point when Julius Caesar moved toward becoming “Pontifex Maximus”, he changed the calendar by disposing of the intercalary months.

The Birth Julian Calendar:

The Julian Calendar was certainly made, at that point finished amid his successor Augustus’ rule.

Augustus needed 31 days in the month named after him likewise July (the month named after Julius) had 31 days. With the goal that additional day was removed from February since it was the month amidst winter.

The Julian calendar presented the Leap Year at regular intervals. At the time, Leap Day was February 24, since February was the latest month of the year, as a result April first was praised as New Year’s Day.

The Birth of Gregorian Calendar in 1582:

There was a mistake presented in Julian calendar of one day at regular intervals, which implied that at regular intervals the tropical year shifts one day in reverse as for the calendar. Therefore this made the strategy for figuring the dates for Easter wrong. The answer for this blunder was to supplant the Julian calendar with the Gregorian Calendar in 1582 in about all nations.

history of april fools day
Pope Gregory XIII | Gregorian Calendar

 The Gregorian calendar transformed the Julian calendar on the grounds that the Julian calendar presented a mistake of 1 day at regular intervals. Therefore, The presentation of the Gregorian calendar took into consideration the realignment with the equinox, in any case, various days must be dropped when the change was made.

The Julian Calendar moves somewhat slower than the Gregorian Calendar, presenting a mistake of 1 day like clockwork.

Around 1582:

This implies the distinction between the two calendar frameworks increments gradually after some time. The ecclesiastical bull issued by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 declared that 10 days be dropped when changing to the Gregorian Calendar. Be that as it may, numerous nations presented the new calendar in later years. Certainly the later the switch happened, the more days must be overlooked. Right now (years 1901 – 2099), the Julian Calendar is 13 days behind the Gregorian Calendar.

These were the Few Amendments:

  • from October 1582, 10 days were dropped. (Oct 3 – Oct 13)
  • New Rules were set to determine Easter’s Date.
  • The rule for calculating Leap Years was changed to include that a year is a Leap Year if:
    • The year is evenly divisible by 4;
    • If the year can be evenly divided by 100, it is NOT a leap year, unless;
    • The year is also evenly divisible by 400. Then it is a leap year.

The Birth of April Fool’s Day:

april fools day origin

New Year’s Day was set as first January in 1564. Therefore, Individuals who declined to acknowledge January first as the new year and still celebrated first April as new year were called as fools and as a result the expression “April Fools” was conceived.

history of april fools day

Characteristics of The Gregorian Calendar:

The Gregorian Calendar is a sun-powered put together calendar based with respect to the multi-day cycle of Earth’s unrest around the sun. It was isolated into a year, every one of 30 or 31 days. Consequently, January and December were made to have 31 days making an aggregate 7 months having 31 days.

These additional days were removed from February for the reason that it was viewed as the most recent month of the year prior to 1564 therefore February had just 28 days.

The Earth takes 365.242199, i.e., roughly 365.25 days to rotate around the sun. hence an additional day like clockwork that should have been added to the calendar hence this day was added to February each jump year consequently allowing it 29 days at regular intervals.

Top 10 Fools Day Facts

april fools day facts
  •  April Fools’ Day is additionally called All Fools’ Day and is praised on April first every year.
  • The book The Canterbury Tales, written in 1392 by Geoffrey Chaucer, related April first with silliness.
  • April Fools’ Day tricks and scams are intended to be innocuous and entertaining.
  • In 1698 an April Fools’ Day joke deceived a few people to go to see lions being washed at the Tower of London.
  • April Fools’ Day in Scotland is called “Huntigowk Day“. In Scots, the word Gowk implies a cuckoo or silly person.
  • April Fools’ Day In Poland, is so firmly trusted that an enemy of Turkish coalition marked on April first with Leopold 1 of every 1683 must be antedated to March 31st.
  • Denmark, Sweden, Poland, and in Norway the media will regularly distribute a story that is false out of appreciation for Aril Fools’ Day.
  • Italy, Belgium, France, and Quebec, Canada regularly allude to April Fools’ Day as April Fish. Some portion of this custom is to append a paper fish to somebody’s back as a joke, without being taken note. This is alluded to as ‘Poisson d’Avril‘.
  • At the point when New Year’s Day was changed to January first in the sixteenth century in France, a few people declined to acknowledge the change. They were regularly alluded to as April fools.
  • In Canada and in England April Fools’ jokes are just expected to be played until twelve.
april fools day facts

Top April Fools Pranks Which Are Harmless

Here is the List of Top April Fool’s Day Pranks which are Absolutely harmless:

april fools pranks

 #1: Frozen Breakfast:

April Fools Day Pranks


Frozen Breakfast

The prior night, fill a bowl most of the way with cereal and milk. Stop it when half full and in the first part of the day, include somewhat more cereal and milk, As a result Watching your children (or mate) hit their spoon into the solidified part in confusion would be Fun.

#2: Water Filled Upside Down Glasses

April Fools Day Pranks


Water Filled Upside Down Glasses
Warning: This may Make your Spouse MAD at you!

All you have to do is half fill two glass with water, cover it with card paper (obviously size would be greater than then glass’s circumference), and finally just do its upside Down, place it on a Table or slowly and precisely remove the card paper.

#3: Endless Loop of Shopping Carts around the Car

April Fools Day Pranks


Endless Loop of Shopping Carts around the Car

Warning: Don’t do it with your boss for the reason that this maybe your last day on Job, But this would be an absolute fun to do such a prank on a friend who has gone shopping .. hahaha

#4: Wrap the Car with Plastic

April fools prank


Wrap the Car with plastic

Lol! This April fools prank is something which would consequently make the victim shocked and mad if he/she is in a hurry but you can give a justification that you were protecting his/her car from scratches 😀

#5: A Unusable Soap:

April Fools Day Pranks


Coat the Soap with Clear Nail Polish

Take a bar of soap, and paint its whole surface with clear nail polish. therefore When somebody endeavors to utilize the bar of soap, it won’t produce a foam as it is Sealed! Congratulation! You have saved a Soap from getting consumed 😉

Above all It is good to Enjoy and Make Fun of others until and unless it wont hurt them. so Playing Such a Pranks which are absolutely harmless would make the April first; The Fools Day Delighted

Top Google April Fools Pranks

google april fools

April first; All Fools Day has arrived, and as happens each year, Google is doing its best to exceed itself. The organization discharges a wide range of jokes, extending from the crazy weak to the exceptionally astute, turning the straightforward blog entry or video to the intricate new element. therefore its an exceptionally Google-explicit custom – even other letters in order organizations don’t generally take part in the festival.

truth be told, Google’s different divisions make increasingly down to earth and unreasonable jokes for the occasion in contrast of some other tech firm, and it’s essentially difficult to monitor them all. in that capacity we have assembled our yearly gathering – here are the majority of the Google April fools day jokes.

#1: Google’s Data Center on Mars:

April Fools Day Pranks by Google


April Fools Day Pranks by Google
google april fools
Screenshot of Google Blog

Google’s “plan” to open a server farm on the surface of the Red Planet one year from now appears to be marginally doubtful. What’s more, to think, the Ziggy Stardust server farm was every one of the strikes of fortunes and “began as a 20 percent venture with the Google Planets group, which mapped Mars and different bodies in space and found a reasonable area.” Consequently You have the choice of putting away your information solely on Mars — outside the purview of the meddlesome NSA. Be that as it may, Google is arranging some planet-to-planet information excess.

Lastly if you want to read official Google’s Blog regarding this then Click Here

#2: A bubble Wrap Sheet turned into Keyboard:

April Fools Day Prank By Google | Google Keyboard

From the Google Japan group who brought you Google Kazoo, consistently the neighborhood Input Tools group devises another frame factor for consoles. This year, it’s air pocket wrap (or Puchi, in Japanese). The idea machine gives you a chance to push the air pocket fold over for letters you have to shape sentences, at that point feed it through peruses to send your message. furthermore Some even have scented air filled in the air pockets so you can smell the ocean breeze from Hawaii as you pop each pocket.

#3: Harness your Chromebook’s super (charging) powers

Regardless of to what extent Chrome books battery may last, despite everything you need to charge them. Well not any longer as Google puts resources into better approaches to charge your Chromebook, including wind, sun oriented and compost control. For the breeze, you simply need to visit an adjacent breeze burrow, and for sun-powered power, put the Chromebook under direct daylight. What’s more, adopting a fairly odd strategy, you can likewise embed your Chromebook charger in a garden to get some manure vitality.

You can Read about this April Fools Day Prank on Google’s Official Blog here

#4: Google is changing its name to Googz!

google april fools


Google April Fools – Googz

Aussies feel weak at the knees over truncations and they have been calling Google “Googz” simply like they call Mcdonalds “Maccas”. Grasping the destiny, Google Australia group has worked with prominent Australian fashioner Jazza to rebrand Google. Following quite a while of work, Google Australia currently has another logo”Googz”

We conducted in-depth focus groups on beaches and in skate parks across Australia– and went back to the drawing board to define a new logo identity that would be authentic to Aussies, roll off the tongue but still anchored in our heritage. After months of sketching, mood boarding, foraging and fingerpainting, we are delighted to unveil our shiny, new ‘Strayan logo

Google Blog

You can Read about this April Fools Prank on Google’s Official Blog here

#5: Now Google Wind can blow away the Rainy Clouds

To shoo away mists from sprinkling on Western Europe’s parade, the nearby group in The Netherlands uncovered GoogleWind, a progression of “machine learning” windmills that can blow away clouds for one more day. This Video by Google Would Surely Make you laugh or to believe that if it is for real 😀

April Fools Day Prank by Google | Google Wind

So these were the Top Pranks Played by Google.

Top 10 Best April Fools Pranks of All Times

april fools pranks

We’ve looked into the whole history of April Fool’s Day and chose its Top 5 Pranks at any point, as made a decision by innovativeness, recorded importance, the number of individuals April Fooled, and reputation.

#1: Turn Your Black and White TV into Colour TV instantly:

best april fools pranks

April 1, 1962: Sweden’s SVT (Sveriges Television) Played an April Fool’s Day Prank by bringing their specialized master, Kjell Stensson, onto the news to illuminate people in general that, because of another innovation, watchers could change over their current TV sets to show Colours.

At the time, there was just the one TV Channel in Sweden, and it communicates in Black and White, so this was enormous news. Stensson clarified that all watchers needed to do was pull a nylon stocking over their television screen, and the work would make the light curve so that it would show up as though the picture was in Colour. He continued to show the procedure.

The Outcomes:

It took A huge number of individuals. Numerous Swedes today still report recalling their dads racing through the house endeavoring to discover leggings to put over the TV set. Normal Colour TV Broadcast just started in Sweden on April 1, 1970.

#2: You Can Fly in the Air by Breathing:

In April 1934, numerous American Newspapers (counting The New York Times) Played an April Fool’s Day Prank by printing a photo of a man flying through the air by methods for a gadget fuelled just by the breath from his lungs. Going with articles energetically portrayed this phenomenal new development.

best april fools pranks


Best April Fools Pranks – Lung Powered Plane
The Americans Papers were Trolled!

The man, distinguished as German pilot Erich Kocher, blew into a case on his chest. This initiated rotors that made an amazing suction impact, lifting him overhead. Skis on his feet filled in as landing gear, and a tail balance enabled him to direct. What the American papers didn’t understand was that the “lung-control engine” was a joke.

The photograph had first showed up in the April Fool’s Day version of the Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung. It advanced toward America because of Hearst’s International News Photo office which fell for the trick as well as circulated it to all its U.S. endorsers. In the first article, the pilot’s name was spelled “Erich Koycher,” which was a play on words on the German word “keuchen,” which means to puff or wheeze.

#3: The Space Needle has Fallen Down:

April 1, 1989: Seattle’s “Almost Live” Comedy Show Played an April Fool’s Day Prank by beginning their program with a Breaking News: the Seattle Space Needle had crumpled. A correspondent displayed the news, and finally few shots of the Space Needle lying on its side in a heap of rubble appeared.

best april fools pranks


Best April Fools Pranks – Seattle Space Needle

The show’s host, JohnKeister, showed up after a business break and guaranteed watchers the declaration had just been a joke. hence, a large number of individuals were tricked. Staff at the Space Needle detailed accepting more than 700 calls from concerned watchers, and 911 lines stuck from the sudden surge of calls from individuals looking for more data. The false report stays scandalous in Seattle right up ’til the present time.

#4: A Machine Which Produces Food out of Air, Water and Soil:

April 1, 1878: After Thomas  Edison developed the phonograph in 1877, Americans solidly trusted that there were no restrictions to his virtuoso. So when the New York Graphic played an April Fool’s Day Prank by reporting on this day that Edison had designed a Machine that could change soil straightforwardly into cereal and water specifically into wine, consequently finishing the issue of world appetite, it found no deficiency of willing devotees. Papers all through America replicated the article, stacking luxurious acclaim on Edison.

best april fools pranks


Best April Fools Pranks – Food Making Machine by Sir Thomas Edison

The Conservative Buffalo Commercial Advertiser was especially gushing in its acclaim, waxing articulate about Edison’s brightness in a long publication. The Graphic accordingly risked reproducing the Advertiser’s publication in full, putting above it a straightforward, two-word feature: “They Bite!”

#5: When the Viewers Played a April Fools Prank on a TV Network:

In mid-1960, a TV watcher Complained to a TV Channel about observing a dark man kiss a white lady on one of their shows. The TV Channel, excited not to outrage, flew a record official down to meet with the watcher and disclose to him that the performer was really white, however that the Local station had inadvertently communicated the show at a high difference proportion, influencing him to seem dull cleaned.

best april fools pranks


Best April Fools Pranks – Dark Man Kisses the White Lady
Here Mr. Paul Jumps in!

When Paul Krassner (editorial manager of the sarcastic underground magazine “The Realist”) caught wind of this, he was insulted that a TV system would be so scared of culpable a bigot. therefore he planned an April Fool’s Day Prank to fill in as recompense. He requested that his pursuers keep in touch with the system after the April first airing of the Celebrity Panel demonstrate Masquerade Party (a totally unexceptionable show), and to Complain that they are irritated by something on it, however not to indicate what insulted them.

The Outcomes:

Several of his pursuers obliged. The outcome was freeze at the TV Channel. Purportedly the TV administrators watched the tape of the show more than once, frantically attempting to make sense of what could have outraged such a large number of individuals.

#6: A Fairy’s Corpse Sold for $340:

Entertainers’ prop creator Dan Baines, 31, from London, was over-flowed with messages on 1 April when he distributed photos of his creation on the web.

best april fools pranks


Best April Fools Pranks – Fairy’s Corpse

He asserted a dog walker had discovered the modest body of a fairy at Firestone Hill in Duffield, Derbyshire.

Mr. Baines, in the past of Derby, later let it out was a lie, yet sold the fairy on a web webpage for £280.

A record on his site read:

“The 8in remains, finish with wings, skin, teeth and streaming red hair, have been inspected by anthropologists and scientific specialists who can affirm the body is certifiable.”

Conspiracy scholars did not trust him when he conceded the persuading model was a scam, he said.

There are still many individuals who trust it’s genuine. It’s begun a considerable amount of paranoid fears. One case that the reality I uncovered it was a fabrication was a direct result of government strain to stop individuals uncovering the ground

Says Conspiracy Scholars

The model pulled in about 40 offers when publicized on the web and hence the most astounding at the end of the deal was made by a private craftsmanship authority in the United States.

Mr. Baines said he had turned out to be dependent on April Fool’s jokes and isn’t precluding comparable tricks later on.

#7: Lava from Great Blue Hill has Erupted!

Best April Fools Pranks – Great Blue Hill

On April 1, 1980, Boston TV slot WNAC-TV played an April Fools Plan by publicizing a phony news notice toward the finish of the 6 o’clock news which detailed that Great Blue Hill in Milton, Massachusetts was emitting. The trick brought about frenzy in Milton, where a few occupants started to escape their homes.

best april fools pranks
Best April Fools Pranks – Great Blue Hill has Errupted

The official maker of the 6 o’clock news, HomerCilley, was therefore, let go by the station for “his inability to practice uplifting news judgment” and for abusing the Federal Communications Commission’s standards about indicating stock film without recognizing it accordingly.

#8: Mr. Mayor is DEAD!

In 1998, nearby WAAF stun athletes Opie and Anthony were talking about April Fool’s Day Pranks where they harshly expressed that Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is certainly Dead in a fetal Car Crash. Menino happened to be on a trip at the time, loaning confidence to the trick as he couldn’t become to.

Best April Fools Pranks


Best April Fools Pranks – Thomas Menino

The match rehashed that the Mayor was dead a few times all through the communicate, anyway audience members who tuned in late to the communicate did not hear that they were rehashing a bit, and when they put on a show to tell the “news” to a clueless audience (the audience thought she was calling an alternate show), the talk spread rapidly over the city, in the long run causing news stations to issue alarms denying the trick. consequently, the match was terminated in the blink of an eye.

#9: When the Professor Claimed to find a Real Origin of Fools Day:

Related Press were tricked in 1983 when Joseph Boskin, a teacher of history at Boston University, gave an elective clarification to the Origin of April Fools’ Day.

Best April Fools Pranks


Best April Fools Pranks

He professed to have followed the training to Constantine’s period when a gathering of court buffoons jokingly told the sovereign that pranksters could complete a superior occupation of running the realm, and the interested ruler designated an entertainer, Kugel, to be the lord for multi-day.

Mr. Boskin related how the entertainer passed a proclamation calling for ridiculousness on that day and the custom turned into a yearly occasion. Mr. Boskin clarified the entertainer’s job as having the capacity to put genuine issues into the point of view with funniness. An Associated Press article drew this elective clarification out into the open in papers, not realizing that Boskin had created the whole story as an April Fool’s joke itself, hence, was not made mindful of this until a little while later.

#10:When Pornhub changed its Name to HornHub:

Best April Fools Pranks


HornHub – Best April Fools Pranks

In 2018, one of the greatest erotic entertainment sharing locales PornHub changed its name into “HornHub and showed recordings about ladies blowing horns rather than sex entertainment. This was their very own satire April Fools trick from 2016 when they changed name toCornhub and showed recordings including corn.

Top April Fool’s Prank Ever on Youtube

Best April Fools Day Pranks

No doubt that Fools Day can turn out to be most Insane and Hilarious day by playing such a prank which consequently goes viral if their videos are uploaded on Social Media platforms like YouTube. Here are Top the Most Viral April Fools Pranks videos which you would love to watch.

#1: Best Classroom April Fools Prank Ever

April Fool Video # 1 –
Best Classroom April Fools Prank Ever

This Video on YouTube is So Damn Hilarious! This was an April Fool’s Day prank played on Professor of Macroeconomics by his students in Aquinas College. This Video Went Viral and has 59 Million Views until Now.

#2: Rihanna Pranks Jimmy Kimmel on April Fool’s Day!

April Fool Video # 2 –
Kimmel on April Fool’s Day

Every One Knows Rihanna and Of course She has huge fan following. So If you are Her Fan then this Video is for You. This Video has got 31 Million view till now.

#3: 10 Funny April Fools Pranks!! – How To Prank

April Fool Video # 1 –
10 Funny April Fools Pranks

This video is on 3rd on my Top 3 List which is absolutely a must watch.
howtoPRANKitup made This video and it has 29 million views.


All the content in this video is published strictly for comedic relief. The following pranks are performed by professionals. Therefore howtoPRANKitup or aprilfoolsdayprank.com does not condone any action you take upon watching the following video and will not be liable for any losses, damages, or criminal charges received in connection with any reenactments. Prank at your own risk.

Best April Fools Day Prank Ideas on Social Media

April Fools Pranks

People are no doubt intelligent enough to come up with Hilarious, Wicked and Awesome Prank Ideas. Here are Few of them They have shared it on Reddit.com.

Prank Idea # 1:

If an alert concerning an eminent nuclear threat were to come across everyone’s phone on April 1st, most people would assume it was an April Fools Prank

Oedipus_Octane – Reddit

Prank Idea # 2:

A Good April Fools Prank would be if Pornhub replaces the Audio of the first two seconds of all their videos with “I am Watching Porn” set at the Loudest possible Volume.

Qanobi – Reddit

Prank Idea # 3:

Keep leaving messages from someone named “ELLA”.

On the April Fool’s Day, tell them “Hey! She left a number and her last name, It’s “FUNT”. You can reach her at XXX-XXXX”.

The trick to the joke is that the number is for the Zoo – and they will be calling the zoo to talk to an “Ella-Funt” (Elephant).

Last year co-worker I was playing the prank on started dialing before the clued-in and was swearing for days at me.

Sankest – Reddit

Prank Idea # 4:

Years ago, A college student spent the entire spring semester and summer of his senior year blowing a referee’s whistle at his university’s football field. Oh! he was also throwing birdseed all over the 50 Yard line. He did this once a week, the same time everyday until the week before the first game of the fall semester.

Stadium is filled, teams are ready to play, kickoff is set to go, and the referee blows the Whistle……………….

And the Game started late because the field was inundated with birds looking for the birdseed that wasn’t there.

ripplecutbuddha2 – Reddit

Prank Idea # 5:

I read one of the best office pranks I had ever heard on reddit a few years back. So, Not mine but I can’t find the original poster.

He pinned packs of gum one the outside of his cubical for months, so everyone got use to “free gum”. Then when April First rolled around he rolled out Play dough, cut it, and replaced all the gum with it. Harmless and Funny, the Perfect office April Fools Prank.

SaebraK – Reddit

Prank Idea # 6:

Prank people year round and do nothing on April 1st. They will be expecting some grand show, and you just spend the whole day acting like you have never pranked anyone ever

Unknown – Reddit

Prank Idea # 7:

Someone at work brought in peanut m&m’s mixed with Garlic Carmel m&m’s the same size mixed in. I took a handful and the texture made it fill like I got a soggy one. It wasn’t until someone else did it then we realized it was of two different kinds.

thattimeofyearagain – Reddit

Prank Idea # 8:

april fool ideas

My buddy puts up billboards for a living and is an avid disc golfer, so a group of local discers pooled together enough money to pull this prank. He had no idea until he finished putting the billboard up.

SimonSays – @atticanibal – Twitter

Prank Idea # 9:

A funny April Fools prank would be if all radio stations play a clunking sound and everyone thinks something is wrong with their car

Jill Apeno – @buzzkilljilll – Twitter

Prank Idea # 10:

Steal a bunch of people’s airpods and put them all in a giant bag and shake it around. Then tell all the people where the bag is and watch chaos ensue.

John Griffin – @jgriff1232 – Twitter

Prank Idea # 11:

april fool ideas

Still my favorite workplace April Fools Prank

Doglatine – Reddit

Prank Idea # 12:

Put powdered gravy in the shower head and the shampoo bottle, they will probably only figure out one of them and keep trying to wash it out with the other, also hot hot sauce in their mouth while they sleep and glass of vodka by the bed

mem269 – Reddit

Prank Idea # 13:

My daughter made me brown E’s last year out of Construction Paper and excitedly told me when I got Home “Dad! I made you Brownies!” She got me.

thattimeofyearagain – Reddit

Prank Idea # 14:

Replace all Small and Extra Small Size Condoms with Magnum Condoms so people buying condoms for the first time will think they have tiny Dicks.

dingerz4dayz – Reddit

Prank Idea # 15:

april fool ideas

Engineer coworker goes on vacation. Comes back to a lawn growing on his desk

ProbusThrax – Reddit

How is April Fool’s Day celebrated around the World?

april fools day around the world

All Fools Day is celebrated in Many parts of the world on April First, but in some places it is celebrated on different date and Names. Below is the List of of Countries and their Traditions regarding this Day.

 France, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands:

april fools day around the world

In France, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands, the April Fool’s Day is a Pope’s Day tradition – called “Poisson d’avril”, “Pesce d’aprile!” And “Aprilvis”(April fish) – comprises of sticking a paper fish on the back of a people without it understanding. This custom appears to date back to the sixteenth century.

april fools day around the world

Canada, Protugals and Spain:

The Poisson d’avril day is as yet celebrated in Canada yet in addition in Portugal and Spain. From the Francophone countries, this holiday extended to the Dutch and Flemish zones under the name “Aprilvis“.

United Kingdom:

april fools day around the world

In the United Kingdom, the April Fool’s Day is celebrated by the name “The Day of the Sinners”. In specific territories for two days, the scolded individual being designated”noddy,” while in Scotland, the Day of the Fars is generally called the “Hunt-the-Gowk Day” in the feeling of giggling), however with another significance – the spring cuckoo.

“The Day of Sinners”

In a previous couple of years, the Day of Sinners has been an open door for the press and worldwide destinations to scratch the heads of readers stressed over the monetary emergency and the issues they confront every day. Therefore, informal organizations have endeavored to trap their clients, declaring the presentation of new spontaneous administrations, while a few locales have reported they will close down their activities.


april fools day around the world

In Poland, April 1 is the day when individuals make jokes and tricks, and keep away the “genuine exercises”

In Denmark, May 1 is known as “May-cat” and as a day of jokes. A comparable essentialness is additionally on May 1 in Sweden. In any case, the two Danes and Swedes likewise praise the April Fools’ Day(“aprilsnar“), while the Day of the Sacrifice of May 1 is far less celebrated by them.


april fools day around the world

In Spain, the “fish of April” (“Pescado de Abril“) take over the French channel, the Spaniards having their very own day of fools, on December 28th.

On December 28, the Spaniards mark “Dia de Los Santos Inocentes” (“The Day of the Holy Innocents“), escape to Egypt and protect the newborn child Jesus, trusting that Mary and Joseph spared him by a “Siretlic“.

United States of America (USA):

april fools day around the world

In some southern nations, the United States of America observes “The Week of Foolery,” which starts seven days before the genuine day of fools.


april fools day around the world

On the “Diada Mentira” or “day of the lie“, news outlets put out absurd features with false cases and numerous people advise harmless exaggerations to trick their companions.


april fools day around the world

In Germany, tricks (called “Aprilscherz“) are played on relatives, colleagues, and companions; the media distributes safe, made up stories. To uncover the joke, Germans say “April, April”.


april fools day around the world

In Greece on “Protos Aprilis”, everybody advises guiltless lies to trap “exploited people“. Fruitfulpranksters, in contrast to fools, will have a lucky year and the water from precipitation on April 1st, The Fools Day is accepted to have mending capacities.

India :

april fools day around the world

India’s “Holi” festival, celebrated on March 31, is a day to play jokes, hurl hued residue and wear face and body paint. On All Fools Day, youngsters play senseless tricks like making counterfeit calls to companions.

Ireland :

april fools day around the world

The jokes and tricks on April Fools’ Day are ended at twelve, after which pranksters are considered stupid. A few papers, magazines and other distributed media report counterfeit stories, and drivers may drive on the wrong side of the street.

Portugal :

april fools day around the world

Rather than April 1st, April Fools’ Day is celebrated on Sunday and Monday before Lent by tossing flour on individuals.

Sweden :

april fools day around the world

On “Första” (April 1st) in Sweden, individuals endeavor to trap others, obviously. Unsuccessful cheats pursue away yelling “April, April, noise dumma ledge, jag kan lura burrow vart jag vill!” (signifying “April, April, you moronic herring, I can deceive you wherever I need!“)


april fools day around the world

Sizdah” Bedar is known as the 13th days of the Persian New Year and for the most parts falls on April 1 or April 2, where Tricks are purportedly played on this occasion since 536 BC, making it may be the most seasoned known joke day.

It’s standard to spend the evening outside, praising the new season and enjoying sustenance, giggling, recreations, and well-intentioned jokes. After a cookout, you discard green vegetables, known as “sabzeh“, which speak to any potential ailments or misfortune for the coming year.


april fools day around the world

The Danish and the Swedish have a  multiple days each in two distinct months to give themselves a chance to free and have a fabulous time. May 1 is “Maj-kat” (May Cat), a joke day, despite the fact that trouble Denmark and Sweden additionally observe April 1 as April Fools’ Day. The Scandinavians unquestionably realize how to say farewell to a long desolate winter and welcome more brilliant spring in great spirits.


april fools day around the world

In Lebanon, an April Fool joke is uncovered by yelling “كذبة ابريل !” (which signifies “Aprils trick!”) at the victim, who turns into the “April Fool”.

April Fools Prank gone Wrong Stories

prank gone wrong

Playing a prank on someone is Fun but it may sometimes get you into regrettable situations like hurting someone or getting yourself into some sort of severe crime so always think about its consequences before playing a trick.

Here are some of the Prank gone wrong stories which are Hilarious or Lesson giving shared by the by people on Reddit.

#1: Ding Dong Ditch

It’s not terrible but my buddy did get a citation. We were doing a little ding dong ditch in our neighborhood late one night and my boy ran up and rang this guys doorbell. The porch had zero lights and when he turned to run, because of the lack of lights, he ran into a metal pole on the guys porch and knocked himself out. The guy came out to my buddy sprawled on his porch at 1AM out cold with me and our other friend laughing hysterically across the street. He called the cops, we booked it, but my buddy on the porch was in no shape to make a break for it. The cops called his folks to pick him up. If I’m remembering correctly he got slapped with disorderly conduct or something to that effect.

Trainwreck071302 – Reddit

#2: I am Pragnant

I announced a few years back on Facebook that my long term bf and I were expecting, we received hundreds of likes from my family and friends and the point really was to piss off my mom, she calls me and says “fuck you, I know you’re lying but I’m gonna tell all your family members it’s true so you’ll be receiving messages from them all day

copiestopresponse – Reddit

#3: A Mischief Night with Friends

When I was a teenager some friends and I went out to enjoy mischief night. For those that don’t know it’s around Halloween, I think the day before or whatever where you got out and cause mild pranks. So we are out doing things like smashing pole lights, stealing lawn ornaments and my favorite, starting people’s lawn mowers.

All the while using my friends house as “base”. So it’s getting late and we happen to pass a cop and notice he’s turning to follow. The driver foolishly tried to outrun for a minute and ended up in a ditch moments later. We managed to get out but now we’re in sight of the cop and ended up getting pulled over.

So after taking our names down they ask us what we are up to. We said we were having a pick nick which they believe because of all the lawn stuff we happened to relieve owners of. However the cop told us the reason we were pulled over was because there was a statewide APB out on us, not for causing trouble, but because my friend lived near a Nissan dealership and the security was panicking that we were casing the place every time we went back to my friends house.

DragonEngineer – Reddit

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Some Health Benefits for April Fool’s Day

health benefit for april fools day

Laughing can positively affect mind movement and diminish pressure and uneasiness. Laughing likewise might be useful for your heart; it beneficially affects pulse and additionally loosens up your veins, which could lessen the strain on the heart.


Is Celebrating April Fool’s Day a Good Idea?

The act of April Fool pranks and fabrications is disputable. The blended sentiments of commentators are exemplified in the gathering to the 1957 BBC “Spaghetti-tree scam”, in reference to which, papers were part about whether it was “an extraordinary joke or a horrendous fabrication on the general population”.

The Positive View:

April fools pranks

The positive view is that April Fools’ can be beneficial for one’s well being since it supports “jokes, scams, pranks and stomach giggles”, and brings every one of the advantages of chuckling including pressure help and diminishing strain on the heart. There are many incorporated “best of” April Fools’ Day records that feature the best instances of how the day is commended. Different April Fools’ crusades have been lauded for their advancement, inventiveness, composing, and general exertion.

The Negative View:

April Fools Pranks

The negative view depicts April Fools’ tricks as “dreadful and manipulative”, “inconsiderate” and”somewhat terrible”, and also dependent on the fun at others’ expense and trickery. At the point when certified news or a veritable vital request or cautioning is issued on April Fools’ Day, there is chance that it will be confounded as a joke and disregarded – for instance, when Google, known to play expand April Fools’ Day scams, reported the dispatch of Gmail with 1-gigabyte inboxes in 2004, a period while contending webmail administrations offered 4-megabytes or less, many rejected it as a joke inside and out.

They can be Unfavorable!

Then again, here and there stories are considered as important jokes. In any case, there can be unfavorable impacts, for example, confusion, falsehood, misuse of assets (particularly when the scam concerns individuals in peril) and even lawful or business results.

Individuals obeying fabrication messages to phone “Mr.C.Lion” and “Mr.L.E.Fant” and suchlike at a phone number that ends up being a zoo, once in a while cause a genuine over-burden to zoos’ phone switchboards.

Movies on April Fool’s Day

#1:April Fool’s Day (Movie) (1986):

april fools day movie
April Fools Day (Movie) (1986)

Plot: A gathering of eight school companions assemble at an island manor having a place with beneficiary Muffy St. John to praise their last year of school. They before long find that everyone has a concealed mystery from their past which is uncovered, and before long, they turn up dead. However, would they say they are extremely dead? Or on the other hand is it simply part of some genuine and cold blooded April Fool’s jokes? The leader, Muffy, is the special case who evidently realizes what’s happening. However, on the other hand,  is it extremely her doing the executing?

#2:April Fools (2007 Video)

april fools day movie
April Fools (2007)

Plot: Deanna, 17, a young hottie, seduces Melvin the class nerd, only to set him up for a cruel April Fools’ joke. She’s joined in her prank by Missy, the goody-two-shoes; her boyfriend Malik, Eva the hip-hop diva, Scoop the jock and Diego the bad-boy. Feeling bad for Melvin, Missy stops the taunting, but Diego presses the issue until things spiral out of control … and Melvin is accidentally killed. One year later, on April Fools’ Day, each of the teens is targeted and killed in succession. Missy’s father, Detective Combs and his partner, Detective Ward, go to work on the case, trying to find out who’s behind the killings and stop them before day’s end – before they can take Missy’s life too.

Books On April Fool’s Day

Here are Some of the Books Which are related to April First. Hope you like It.

#1: April Fool’s Day (novel)

April Fool’s Day is a 1993 book by Australian writer Bryce Courtenay. The book is a tribute to the writer’s child, Damon Courtenay, a hemophiliac who contracted HIV/AIDS through a contaminated blood transfusion. The title alludes to the date of Damon’s demise, 1 April 1991 (April Fools’ Day).

april fools day book


Damon was a great hemophiliac for his entire life. He endeavored to compose this book himself yet did not have much achievement. On his demise bed, he approached his dad to compose it for him. Damon rambled about adoration; he trusted it was essential that everyone realized how to cherish. Proof of this is his frame of mind towards individuals who treated individuals with AIDS unreasonably. Very little was thought about AIDS in those days due to which sufferers were disapproved. To cite his committed accomplice Celeste.

#2: April Fool’s Day: A Novel by Josip Novakovich

Told with bitingly dim diversion and a profound delicacy, April Fool’s Day is both an overwhelming political parody and a dangerously sharp spoof of war.

april fools day book


Ivan Dolinar is conceived in Tito’s Yugoslavia on April Fool’s Day, 1948 – the favorable start of a real existence that will be wrecked by exploded backward well-meaning plans in a universe of purposeful publicity and suspicion.

At age nineteen, a blameless trick cuts the youthful Croatian’s sprouting medicinal vocation short and grounds him in a famous work camp. Discharged on the eve of common war, Ivan is drafted into the wrong armed force, turning into a pawn in a crazy clash in which the principles and loyalties move suddenly and abruptly. Be that as it may, even in a world gone frantic, one game-plan remains prominently rational: survival.

#3: Past Perfect by Leila Sales:

Included on the 2012 Best Fiction for Young Adults list, this fun story pursues Chelsea, a youngster who has worked with her folks at a Colonial reenactment stop for the vast majority of her life.

april fools day book

Persuaded by her closest companion to work there one more year, she winds up recruited to assume a key job in the yearly trick war with the Civil War reenactment stop over the road. An account of expand tricks and the hurt emotions that can follow afterward, this story is extraordinary for trick fans and additionally history fans.

# 4: April Fool and April Fish: Towards a Theory of Ritual Pranks

This Journal Article is written By Alan Dundes from The University of California in Berkeley. This article covers the study of Jokes and Humors.

You can download this amazing April Fools Journal Article here

April Fool’s Day Quotes

Here are The Best of April Fool’s Day Quotes which you can send it to your friends or family.

Quote # 1

Who needs April Fools, When whole Life is a Joke

April fools day quotes

Quote # 2

For April Fool’s Day, I think Facebook should switch the Status update box and the Search Box, So people are Constantly posting updates on the people they are stalking

April fools day quotes

Quote # 3

Life is one fool thing after another…. Whereas love is two fool things after each other

April fools day quotes

Quote # 4

Sorry If I Look Interested…… I am Not

April fools day quotes

Quote # 5

Today I can Handle any April Fool’s Day Joke, as long as it doesn’t include the phrase “We are out of Coffee

April fools day quotes

Quote # 6

Sometimes my Dad just likes to randomly remind me that his first date with my mom was on April Fools so technically my life is just the longest running prank ever.

Anna Sackel

Top 5 April Fools Jokes & SMS

April Fools Day Jokes sms

Here are Top SMS you can send it to your family and friends with respect to this Day

Jokes SMS # 1

This is MAGIC.
Scroll down SO that,
You can See your PHOTO
Congrats! You are the First
April Fool of the Year

April Fools Day Jokes sms

Jokes SMS # 2

Friend 1: Hey You Know Which is the best day to propose a girl?
Friend 2: April 1

Friend 1: Why??
Friend 2: If she accepts it is your luck otherwise just tell April Fool!

April Fools Day Jokes sms

Jokes SMS # 3















Scrolling For What? Once a Fool Always a Fool.

April Fools Day Jokes sms

Jokes SMS # 4

A day will come…

When the whole world will, CELEBRATE:
But keep in mind,
April Fool comes once a year.

April Fools Day Jokes sms

Jokes SMS # 5

You are one of the most CUTEST persons in the world!!
Just a second, don’t misunderstand.
CUTE means:

April Fools Day Jokes SMS

April Fools Day Images |Backgrounds

Here is the Gallery of Top April Fool’s Day Images and Backgrounds you can Use or share it with your friends and family.

Funny Animated Images for
April Fool Day

These Animated Images are just Awesome. They are the courtesy of GIPFY. Hope You like it.

#1: Funny April Fools


#2: Beware of April Fools Jokes


#3: Gun for April Fools


#4: Elevator Prank


#5: Pool Prank


April Fool’s Day Memes

April Fools Day Memes

Memes are no doubt best way to say a joke, So the fun of All Fools Day Jokes without Memes is just incomplete. Here are some of the best memes trending on Social Media.

#1: What if April Fools Day Doesn’t Exist… And it’s been the longest Prank in History

april fools jokes


April Fools Day Meme

#2: I don’t Always tell people that I am Gay!

april fools jokes


April Fools Day Meme

#3: Who Need April Fools……. When You whole Life is a Joke.

april fools jokes


April Fools Day Meme

#4: Brace Yourselves……. The April Fools Pranks are coming

april fools jokes


April Fools Day Meme

#5: You can’t be tricked on April fool’s day…. If you don’t believe anything you read all day

april fools jokes


April Fools Day Meme

Baby Names Inspired by April Fools Day

april baby names

If your baby is born in April or Luckily on April First then Congratulations, You are going to win a Million Dollar Lottery this Year (Lol! Just Kidding.. April Fool!) – Here is a list of Names inspired by Magicians , Pranksters or April Fools Day itself you can choose for your baby.

Baby Boy
InspirationBaby Girl
BillyVoice of Bugs
April April Fools Day
CrissAngel, MagicianAnnieAbbot
PennComedian &
RoyHorn, MagicianSmiley
TellerComedian and
PuckTrickster in the Movie
“mid summer
Night dreams”
Risameans “laughter” in latin
LanceMagicianSatiradriven from
word “Satire”
Harry Harry Potter
Fred Harry Potter
GeorgeHarry Potter