7 Good April Fools Prank Ideas

good april fools pranks

Are You Searching for Some Really Good April Fools Prank Ideas which you can Play with your Friends, Sibling or some Random Person on April Fools Day? Than this Post is Just for You.

Remember NOT to hurt someone while playing a Prank as it May leads you to some Awkward and Regretful Situation. Here are Some of the
April Fools Prank Gone Wrong Videos.

Prank Idea # 1; A Hole Under the Mat:

good april fools pranks

When It Sunny Outside everyone loves to Go to Beach. When you are at the beach, pick a victim/companion that is resting on a towel / Mat on the sand. When they get up, for instance, go to the bathroom or for a beverage, evacuate the towel and dig an opening where the towel/mat sits. Set the towel back in the very same place so they don’t speculate anything. At the point when the victim lays down on the towel, they will fall into the gap! The deeper and wider the opening the better it would get but it should be less than the area of the Towel.

Prank Idea # 2; The Scary Clown:

good april fools pranks

Okey! This one Would out the best if you have really Good Makeup Skills.

If you are at a sleepover with your friend or you sleep with your sibling, snatch some make-up and apply it like there’s no tomorrow. Make your face pale white, totally dark, or other dark shadings. Include eye shadow to go your eye-cover the whole distance to temples. Utilize splendid red, dark, or dim blue, lipstick and apply all over lips and past. At long last take RED become flushed and apply it in an ideal circle). You’ll resemble a crazy Clown (like in IT Movie)!

Shake an individual WHILE SLEEPING with the light on and scare the Hell out of Him when he Stares at your Face! It is so interesting! You’ll terrify the poop out of your companion!

Prank Idea # 3; Flood the House:

good april fools pranks

All you need is a Garbage can. Fill it around with 3/4th of its total volume with water and lean this up against you friend’s or any Random Persons house’s Door. Then Just Ring the Door Bell or Give a Knock on the Door, run, and stow away so you can see it from a Safe and Unnoticed Distance.

At the point when the clueless individual opens the Door the water will fall into their home flooding it. This is an extremely amusing trick. In any case, don’t get captured.

Prank Idea # 4; A Disgusting Drink :

good april fools pranks

Many Household Refregrators don’t have an Automated Ice-Cubes Maker, and the Owner must retreat to solidifying water in an ice plate. Indeed, in the event that you or a companion has this issue, you are in good fortune.

Go into the kitchen and get an ice plate. If there are Cubes in it, evacuate them. Presently, discover the vinegar and fill each square with it. Place it in the Refrigerator and let it solidify. The Victim may need some frosted tea. He gets a glass, puts the solidified vinegar in, thinking its ice. Watch as he releases his frosted tea in absolute disgust.

In case you want to do it on Larger Scale:

This viable joke can be utilized on a considerably bigger scale. Let’s assume you are at a gathering. You can prepare a portion of these Frosted Vinegar cubes and place them in the margaritas for everybody to appreciate.

Prank Idea # 5; Burning Eyes:

good april fools pranks

Have you seen how frequently individuals rub their eyes? Well! they do loads you simply don’t take note. Best to do this at a companion’s home in the event that you are staying briefly.

Bring a Knife and some extremely hot peppers. The most blazing you can get your hands on!

Cut the peppers into extremely fine pieces while your companion isn’t viewing. (you can do it in the washroom)

Smear pepper Juice everywhere throughout the Doors handles in the house (the unfortunate Victim gets the handles in the house not knowing about the substance spread on the handle.

Wash hands completely.

Sit back, act ordinary, and watch and ENJOY the agony of your unfortunate victim (scouring eyes constantly exacerbating it).

Prank Idea # 6; TV Remote Prank:

good april fools pranks

on the off chance that you get another television, which is indistinguishable brand from the older one, at that point clutch the former one’s remote.

at the point when the family is sitting in front of the television, go to another room and quiet it, increase the volume, change the station, kill the power, do whatever with the old television’s remote. (it will take a shot at the new television since it is a similar brand)

This trick may even work on a neighbor who has a similar sort of T.V. or on the other hand even at school or work!

Prank Idea # 7; Clothes Ripping Prank:

good april fools pranks

Here’s a straightforward but a bit silly trick that is in every case gives some laughter especially if done in a classroom with your mate or Teacher. Place an article on the floor where you realize somebody will twist around to lift it up.

This article could be a book, an essential looking envelope, a satchel, etc. Position yourself close-by with a few pieces of fabric that tear effectively with a loud tear. You can likewise utilize a piece of velcro to make the tearing sound. The trick is straightforward.

Simply hold up until the point that the check twists around to get the article. Likewise with numerous tricks, the planning is basic. At the exact minute that the check twists around, tear the fabric. You’ll be astounded at what number of individuals stretch around quickly checking for tears.

So these were some the Good April Fools Prank Ideas which you can Play on April Fools Day.

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