Best April Fools Prank Call Ideas

One of the Most Easiest, Hilarious and Effective way to Play a Prank on SOmeone on April Fools Day is through Call. Here are Some the Best April Fools Prank Call Ideas You can use to Trick your Friends, Family or A Stranger.

April Fools Prank Call Ideas

Prank call idea # 1:

April Fools Prank Call Ideas

You call up the individual and request an individual name, John. Since there truly is no John, the conspicuous answer would be, ‘You have the wrong number’! Call up the individual ordinarily multiple times a day or week and change your voice in differed tones and request Joey. Following a couple of days, call up your victim and state, ‘This is John. Have you taken any messages for me?’ I am certain the individual toward the stopping point would presumably need to choke you with the phone wire.

Prank call idea # 2:


You call up your friend, family or Office Mate and claim to be a specialist from the telecommunication Service. State that the telephone lines have been giving some issue and you might want to test the voice quality. Select a couple of idiotic expressions and make your victim foolishly repeat the same for voice testing!

Prank call idea # 3:

Prank Call Idea

Call up your friend from an unknown number and claim to be a Radio Jockey ( RJ ) from the City’s radio station. State them that they are on Call which is being played live (on Air) and request them to answer three Simple Questions to win a 15 days trip to an Amazing Destination. Make a rundown of mischievous, funny or clever questions and humiliate him/her!

Prank call idea # 4:

April Fools Prank Call Ideas

Call up your friend, family member or Office Mate and Pretend that your call is from a website that has affirmed the appointments requested by the said individual. The individual will undoubtedly item to any such request, you can contend and demand the rest of the installment for the said number of Items Purchased! What’s more, demand them to Pay the Dues quickly.

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Prank Call Idea # 5:

April Fools Prank Call Ideas

Call up from a Landline Number to Many Random Persons you know Well and Pretend to be the Manager of Some Well Known Restaurant and tell them they have won some kind of lottery or dinner at a very famous place in the city. For Sure I would be a Bit hard to Convince them. But If the Victim the Someone you know very well, I am Sure You would find a way to convince them. And Just Wait for the Day to see the Scene being created at the Very Restaurant 😀

Prank Call Idea # 6:

Call up a Victim and Pretend to be A Telemarketer from a Certain Brand. Just Start Telling him About the Features and Special Offers regarding the Product that wouldn’t Even exist in Real.

Prank Call Idea # 7:

April Fools Prank Call Ideas

There are Many Application Available on App Store or Play store with a Function to Change the Voice of yours in many ways like A Females Voice or Robot Etc. 

Call your Life Partner as a female and disclose to her that you are her better half’s sweetheart and need her to separate from you (I know this somewhat Evil and Cruel, however, it will uncover the loyalty and love of your significant other. Having said that keep the call light and clever)

Prank Call Idea # 8:

Prank Call Ideas

Call your Boyfriend and disclose to him that you are pregnant (As it is more than a Nightmare for Males to having a child before marriage). Disclose to him you wish to have twins and you have even idea of the names. At the point when the poor person asks the name, reveal to him that you would name the Baby Girl, April and the Baby Boy, Fool.

Prank Call Idea # 9:

Call Someone and say “Hi! I’m Bob from the Bubble Factory, and I saw bubbles and bubbles and bubbles and bubbles and bubbles…” Until they hang up. Then, call back and as it’s ringing say, “and bubbles and bubbles and bubbles and bubbles and bubbles…” so when they answer they will hear it from the start. Repeat until you are satisfied. I bet He/ She will be Hell Annoyed by it.

Prank Call Idea # 10:

Prank Call Ideas

This trick works particularly well on the off chance that you have a phonebook or neighborhood registry. Select an objective and have their location prepared. Call them and claim to be a departed secondary school companion. For instance, if their name is Debby state, “Hello there Debby! It’s Lisa Meyers from secondary school!” Act pleasant to them and ask them how life is going and where life took them after secondary school. On the off chance that they don’t sound persuaded, state something like, “So are you still over yonder on “Cold spring Lane” ?” Or whatever road they live on. At that point, attempt to organize a place to eat to get up to speed with bygone eras.

Prank Call Idea # 11:

At the point when a telemarketer calls you, act truly inspired by what they need to state, yet stop them in-between and state “Well look, I’m truly intrigued by what you need to state, yet I’m somewhat bustling at the present time so would I be able to have your home number and call you later?” They will disclose to you that they can’t give out their own data.

State to them “Gracious, I comprehend, in light of the fact that you would prefer not to have individuals irritating you at home right?” When they reveal to you that that is the reason say “Great, well now you know how I feel.” And hang up.

These were the someone of the Best April Fools Prank Call Ideas, Hope You Liked it! If you more of these then Feel free to share it with us in Comment Section.

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