Best April Fools Pranks Ever

best april fools pranks ever

April Fools Day has now become an International Event. However, Every Country celebrates it in their own Way. Its Names, Tradition and even Date also vary from Country to Country.

History of April Fools Day dates back when Gregorian Calendar was Introduced. In keeping with the Gregorian calendar, the New Year was officially celebrated on January 1, but many continued to celebrate it on April first; these people were made fun of and Called “April Fools”.

People begin celebrating this Day by playing Different Pranks and Jokes. Even some pranks were played nationwide by the Government or Big Organizations which are even remembered until now.

Here are some of the Best April Fools Pranks Ever Played by different Well-known Peoples and Organizations.

Best Pranks Ever # 1: Washing of White Lions

1698: The English Press Published an article saying that a demonstrative washing of a White Lions would be held in Tower on April First. Many people gathered outside the Tower on the Day but ultimately they went home disappointed.

Best Pranks Ever # 2: A Bumper Spaghetti

1957: BBC’s Panorama reported a bumper spaghetti harvest in Switzerland, which was due to a warm winter and victory over the macaroni snout beetle. It was widely believed by many viewers and they started asking BCC for exact way to grow Such Spaghetti Tree, to which BBC replied:

Place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best.

Best Pranks Ever # 3: Colored TV Tweak

1962: Kjell Stensson, An employee of a Swedish TV channel, played a practical joke on the viewers by urging them to put pantyhose over their TV sets to obtain Colored Images.

Best Pranks Ever # 4: Antarctic Ice Cube for 10 Cents Only

1978: Mr. Dick Smith, A Well-Established Businessman, used a barge to haul an Antarctic iceberg to the Australian coast and offered to sell a cube of ice to all bidders for 10 cents.

Best April Fools Pranks Ever # 5: Free Wine for Everyone

1987: A Newspaper in Bergen, Norway, Reported that 10 thousand Liters of Wine had been confiscated, inviting everyone to collect a share. Many residents showed up with empty bottles and cans to get it filled with free wine.

Best April Fools Pranks Ever # 6: UFO has landed on Earth

1989: Richard Branson, Virgin’s Record’s Chairman, had a Passion of Balloons and Playing pranks. He built a Hot Air Balloon which looks like a UFO and Released it in the Air. Spectators who were unaware of the Prank thought this to be a Real UFO which was about to land their city for which they called the Police to make them aware of Alien Invasion.

Best Pranks Ever # 7: 10% Off on every Pepsi Drink for Lifetime

1994: A Well-Known Beverage Brand, Pepsi, announced that the teenagers who get the company logo tattooed on their ears would be given 10 percent discounts on Pepsi drinks for Life.

Best Pranks Ever # 8: Lenin’s Body Up for Display at Disney’s Park

1995: “The Irish Times” reported that the Disney Corporation had arranged to buy Vladimir Lenin‘s body for a New Amusement Park Attraction.

Best Pranks Ever # 9: Whale in the River


2007: Russia’s “Channel One” reported that a whale was spotted in the Moscow River, which could have escaped from an aquarium or made its way via the river system from the White Sea.

Best Pranks Ever # 10: Most Foolish people in the Country

United States: Each year, the Media publish a list of the Most Foolish People in the Country, which traditionally includes some National Leaders

Best Pranks Ever # 11: Loch Ness Monster’s Corpse Found

1982: All International Newspapers announced the thrilling news that the dead body of the Loch Ness Monster had been found. A group of zoologists from Yorkshire’s Flamingo Park Zoo had run over it while working at the Loch. The specialists endeavored to take the Nessie Dead body back to Yorkshire, yet Scottish police immediately ceased them, refering to an old law that made it illicit to expel “unidentified animals” from Loch Ness.

In any case, the ensuing examination of the animal verified that it wasn’t really Nessie. Rather, it was a huge bull elephant seal from the South Atlantic. In any case, how had it gotten to Loch Ness? This was uncovered the following day when the Flamingo Park’s instruction officer, John Shields, admitted obligation. The seal had kicked the bucket the prior week at Dudley Zoo. He had shaved off its bristles, cushioned its cheeks with stones, and kept it solidified for seven days, before secretly dumping it in the Loch, planning to play an April Fool’s trick on his Work Mates.

Best April Fools Pranks Ever # 12: The Rogue Bras

The Daily Mail detailed that a manufacturing firm had sold 10,000 “rogue bras” that were causing a novel and remarkable issue, not to the wearers but rather to the general population on the loose. Evidently, the help wire in these bras had been made out of a sort of copper initially intended for use in flame alerts.

At the point when this copper came into contact with nylon and body warm, it created electricity produced via friction which, thus, was meddling with neighborhood TV and radio communicates. The main specialist of British Telecom, after perusing the article, is said to have quickly requested that all his female research facility representatives uncover what sort of bra they were wearing.

Indeed History is full of Amazing, Hilarious and Best April Fools Pranks ever, these were some of them. Hope you liked it! If you have played any memorable prank then share it with us or Share your Views and Ideas on April Fools Day in the Comments.

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