Best April Fools Pranks for Office

april fools pranks for office

Most people love to tease other whether its in school life or when they get a Job. They always find a way to be a pain in the head of others. So if you want to be the Same Pain in the Head of your Office Mates on this April Fools Day then this Post is Just for you.

These are some of the Best April Fools Pranks you play with your colleagues and Even you can dare to play it with your Boss:

April Fools Prank # 1: Posters and Poster Everywhere

This Year Prank your Office-mate by Pasting Pictures and Posters of Him, or Your Boss everywhere you can find it possible. Lol! He/She would be shocked and later laughs at what you did.

April Fools Prank # 2: Just make your Office Mate hang in the Air

april fools pranks for office

Lol! I Know Its Kind of Bit Difficult Job to set up this April Fools Prank but If you have time and the Victim is out for long then it would be the Best April Fools Prank for Office ever.

April Fools Prank # 3: Pair of Gold Fish in the Drawer

Why not present your Office-mate a Pair of Beautiful Gold Fish on this April Fools Day? But make sure this time Not in a Glass Jar or An Aquarium but make an Aquarium with his Desk’s Side Drawer like in the Picture.

All you need is:

  • A Big Plastic Sheet
  • A Tape
  • Pair of Beautiful Gold Fish
  • Artificial Sea Sand or other Aquarium Decoration

Just Make Sure you make a Drawer totally Leak Proof by pasting the Plastic Sheet inside the drawer with the help of tape. And then Add Fishes and Sea Sand to give it a Nice and Beautiful Look.

I am sure He would be delighted at first when he/she opens the drawer but may Kill you later when he realizes how hard it is to clean this 😀

April Fools Pranks for Office # 4: Rat Attack

Flood your Colleague’s Room with the Stuffed Rats and enjoy the scream when they enter their Room. Warning! Don’t you dare use the Real Rat 😉

April Fools Prank # 5: Flooded Sticky Notes

Thinking of some Harmless, Simple and Easy Prank to Play on your Office Fellow then Why not Pasting Hundreds of Sticky Notes all over his Room and give him a Surprise (and Load of Work of cleaning it) on this April Fools Day.

If you want to Prank your Boss this Way than try making it more colorful like in the picture below to Show him how talented artist you are :p

Best April Fools Pranks for Office # 6: Polystyrene Balls Pool

If your Victim of this year’s April Fools Day Prank has a cubical Office then turn it into the Pool of Polystyrene Balls and Let the Victim Enjoy Swimming in it. hahaha.

April Fools Prank # 7: Plastic Balls

If your Office-Mates Room is Not Cubical then Don’t worry! You can Flood it with the Plastics Balls Instead like in the Kids Play area.

April Fools Prank # 8: Home Sweet Home

Does your Office Fellow comes late at the Office? or love staying at home than work then why not Prank him on this April Fools Day by turning his Cubic Office into a Beautiful House. Dozen of Card Paper Sheets, a Tape and some artistic skills can make a Beautiful House.

April Fools Prank # 9: April Fools Food Box

Just Place a Packed Box of Any Fast Food filled with Vegetables on the Desk of your Office Mate and Prank them on this April Fools Day.

Do you want to Know Where did April fools day come from? then Click on the Link Below:

April Fools Prank # 10: Newspaper Protection

Lol! This one is a bit time consuming but Fun. All you need to do is Cover and Pack everything of the Victims desk with the Newspaper. You can Even Place a Note stating: ” I was just trying to protect everything of yours from Dust!” hahaha!

April Fools Pranks for Office # 11: A Slippery Door Handle

You can do a lot with this liquid Soap or Oil like Oiling the door Handle of the toilet and watch your office mates unwillingly Dance while controlling the Nature’s Call.

You can even apply this Soap on the Boss’s Office door from outside and Wait for the Boss to call any one of his Employee to the Office. Watch your Colleague struggling with the door handle.

April Fools Pranks for Office # 12: Underwear Prank

Why not Collecting Under wears from all of your Office Mates and Place them in the Drawer of the Victim’s Drawer. Its Bit gross but it would be fun watching the Victim’s Disgusting Face.

April Fools Prank # 13: Which Keys?

While Co-worker is away from their desk, stealthily take their car keys and Add Bunch of Resembling Keys to the Key chain and place it Back on April Fools Day. It would be Fun watching them finding out their Original Key.

So these were some of the Safest, Harmless and Lightest April Fools Pranks for Office because Playing Severe and Extreme Pranks on April Fools Day may turn out to be Wrong and Harmful.

Here are Some of the Prank Gone Wrong Videos and Stories which you would like to Watch:

For More April Fools Prank Ideas you can Check these links Below:

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