Funny Pranks for Kids on April Fools Day

funny pranks for kids on april fools day

Kids are no doubt the Best Blessing to us by GOD. They look cute, innocent and funny when they do some silly stuffs. That is way I just keep on searching for different ways to make them happy so that I could see that priceless smile on their face. The Best way is to play jokes and Pranks on them on different occasions like Birthdays and on April Fools Day. So today I am sharing with you the Ideas for some of the most Funny Pranks for Kids on April Fools Day

Funny Pranks for Kids # 1: The Blood Bath Mat

Lol! This could me so damn Fun when your kid finds out blood on their mat. Just place this mat out of their bathroom on April Fools Day and scare them out of their skins. it would be funny watching them confused and looking for the wounds under their feet.

Funny Pranks for Kids # 2: Turn me Over Prank

This cute.. silly little prank could bring a smile on your kid’s face which would be priceless.

Funny Pranks for Kids # 3: Spiders on the Bed

Whether its a Kid or an Adult, this Prank would scare anyone. Just place Fake Spider or any Insects under the Bed Cover of the Victim’s Bed on this April Fools Day and Hear their Yell at Night.

Lol! They’re not gonna sleep this whole night. hahaha

Funny Pranks for Kids # 4: Surprise Box Prank

Its April Fools Day and your Kid is about to wake up and come out of their Room? Then Why not Surprising them with the Party Popper. Just fix a Box containing a Party Popper at the Outside of the Victim’s Door just the way it is shown in the Picture and attach its string to the Door. It would be fun watching them scared for an instance.

You can even use multiple Party Poppers. Just Align them horizontally together and attach each string to the door. You are Done to Scare your Victim until they pee in their pants. (Note: As Kids are very faint-hearted, they may get hurt emotionally with loud sound so try using only one Party Popper)

Click on the Link if You want to know What is the Origin of April fools day ?

Funny Pranks for Kids # 5: Egg Nest Cake Prank

These cute little Eggs in a Nest are Actually cake. I think this April Fools Food Prank is best for Kids. They would surely hesitate at first on eating it but those funny expressions would be awesome to watch.

I Know this one is hard among other Funny Pranks for Kids. But if you want to know how to make it then You can Find the instructions Here.

Funny Pranks for Kids # 6: Fake Toilet Paper Prank

Place this Fake, non-tearing Toilet Paper in your kid’s or even your friend’s toilet and force them for the walk of shame out of the Toilet on this April Fools Day. It would be absolute evil to place this in your Office’s Toilet for your mate 😉

Funny Pranks for Kids # 7: Grape Candy Prank

Your kids are Candy Lovers? they love sneaking into jars for candy? then Why not trolling them on this April Fools Day with this Prank? Just pack of the grapes in your kid’s favorite candy’s wrapper or you can also use plain white just like in the picture.

After packing, place the Candies into the jar and serve them to your kid on April Fools Day. I would be fun watching them with different and cute reactions.

Funny Pranks for Kids # 8: Dead Body Prank

If you are thinking to scare your kids but this one would even scare any adult too.. This prank would work awesome if your kids are at school and you just set the beds of your room like the Picture above before their arrival.

Then abandon the House, keep the door unlocked and hide somewhere nearby. and enjoy your kids running back out of the house yelling. Surprise them outside the door my Saying “April Fools Day”.

Even I have heard many people check out of their hotel rooms by stuffing the beds like this. hahaha…

Funny Pranks for Kids # 9: Missing TV Remote Batteries Prank

This is one of the common and oldest April Fools pranks. But still worth playing with your kids. You can even replace the Batteries with a small size stone to give the remote resembling weight. This will make the victim take more time figuring it out.

Funny Pranks for Kids # 10: Worm in an Apple

This one is the cutest prank for small kids. Make Worm like Jellies and hook it inside the apple like the real worm. Serve them to your kids. Enjoy watching their weird faces. 😀

These were some of the Cute & Funny Pranks for Kids you can play on April Fools Day. Remember only playing pranks which are absolutely harmless because kids are mostly Faint-hearted so they can’t bear the Adult pranks.

Watch this Video to know how innocent and cute these Kids are:

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