Top 7 Funny April Fools Pranks Ideas

Playing a Prank on Someone and Watching their Reaction is Fun but Sometimes Pranks a themselves Enough funny that would even make the Pranksters Laugh.

So here I tried to sort out the Top Funny April Fools Pranks Ideas which would definitely make you laugh out loud

Prank Idea # 1:

funny april fools

So this April Fools Prank is Simple, harmless but funny. Imagine you are in a Library looking for your Favorite Book to read and You eyes grabs an attention towards a Dollar lying within a Book like someone may have forgot here and you just slide It out to discover it was a Prank! That would be Awkward! So you can do the same on someone in your school, University or in office and watch thier funny Reactions.

For More Harmless Prank Ideas Click on the Link Below:
Top 11 April Fools Prank Ideas which are Harmless

Prank Idea # 2:

funny april fools

Second April Fools Prank Idea in Our list is a bit Disgusting but funny when done on others. All you need is to Half melt a chocolate candy bar to give a Potty like Look and place it on a Toilet seat! 😀

funny april fools

Imagine Coming out in a Cold Night to Drive your Car and finding it Covered in this way! You would Definitely lough to see your car covered in such a Way (In case you are not in hurry to go somewhere). So All you need is a Wet Cotton Balls and stick them on anything like in this case is a Car! Try not to do it with our Wife’s Car or else you have to sleep on your couch outside the room 😀

Prank Idea # 4:

funny april fools

This April Fools Day Prank is Funny and Cute at the Same Time! All you need to do is get a Yellow or other Colored Jelly which resembles the Juice’s Color. It would be Best If you know about the Victim’s Favourite Juice so trying getting the Same Color Jelly Powder. Follow the Instructions to Make Jelly but just make sure placing the Liquid jelly in a Juice Glass with the Straw Tucked in and Let it Solidify! Give it to your Kid or Office mate and see the Funny Expressions.

Note: Remember Playing Pranks Which are Absolutely Harmless as this may Hurt the Victim.

You can Watch Top April Fools Prank Gone Wrong Videos to learn how pranks can hurt others.

Funny April Fools Prank Idea # 5:

funny april fools

Initailly this prank was played by just keeping a Cup upside down with the Note (As seen in the Above Picture) but This time it is taken to another Level by making the Hole too. Victim would Definitely run out of the Room after knowing about the Hole as If Spider may have come out of it 😀

Prank Idea # 6:

Do you have a Friend Who is a Chewing Gum Lover then this April Fools Prank Idea is Best to Play on Him.

All you need is a Play Dough and Your Victims Favorite Chewing Gum Wrapper. Roll and Cut the Play Dough in the Shape of the Chewing Gum Slice and Wrap it it with Chewing Gum Wrapper! Try doing it nicely to avoid getting caught before the Act.

Prank Idea # 7:

We all know the Importance of Toilet Paper especially when in Public Place or Office where you just cant afford to roam around uncleaned.

This SAW (Movies Series) Themed April Fools Prank is an ultimate Evil. All you need is:

  • A Transparent Rolled Tape
  • A Tissue Paper Piece with the Width a Bit Greater than the Tape’s Width.

And Follow the Steps as shown on the Image to Set up the Prank and Enjoy.

These were the Most Funny April Fools Pranks which I found. Remember Trying not to Hurt someone by playing Harmful Pranks which Consequently leads you to Regret So think Severel times about its consequences before playing.

You can Share more in comments.

If you want to Know about How April Fools Day Started then Click on the Link Below:

History of April Fools Day

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