Top April Fools Jokes for Kids

April Fools Jokes for Kids

Indeed Kids are one the most beautiful Blessing from God. There cute little Activities and expressions like Playing, Laughing, Talking and every little thing is so adorable that we want them to capture it somewhere. Playing Jokes to them and make them Laugh is something I love the Most. So today I am Sharing with you Top April Fools Jokes for Kids which would make them laugh and make you Adore it.

April Fools Joke # 1: Sibling Prank

April Fools Jokes for Kids

Siblings are one of the first friends of the Life. They Fight, they Laugh and do each and Everything together. So why not let them play a prank to each other too. Just dress up one of your Kid in a Funny or Horrible way and ask them to scare their siblings. it would be so much fun watching them.

April Fools Jokes # 2: Brown – E’s for April Fools Day

Everyone love Brownies at least I can it Dozens of them.. 😀 Even My kids love them, so decided to Prank on them on last April Fools Day by cutting Brown Colored “E” Shape cards and Packing them in a Brownie Box and placed them in my kitchen’s cabinet. My kids have a usual habit of searching around the kitchen’s cabinets for Bakery items Like Cakes, Biscuits etc.,

So on April Fools Day, they, as usual, got their Eye on the Brownie box and Opened it out of Excitement. Me, Standing at their back was watching the scene and it was Fun watching their Excitement turned into Sadness. Lol! Later I do serve them the real one.

Even You can try this prank on your kids! Do share your experience by leaving us the comment.

April Fools Jokes for Kids # 3: Party Popper Prank

This Party Popper Prank may make your kid pee in their Pants. so Don’t try it on Really Small Kids (Toddlers). Al you need to do is Paste a Party Popper at the Back of the Door in a Way as shown in the above picture and wait for your kid to open the door. Enjoy the moment.

April Fools Jokes # 4: Scary Toilet Prank

You can place such Scary poster under the toilet seat of your Kids Toilet. and enjoy them running out of the toilet out of fear.

Warning! If you think your kid is Sensitive or too scared already them avoid playing such scaring pranks as they may make them more scared of going to toilet alone.

April Fools Jokes # 5: Tissue Stuffed Shoes

Stuff your kid’s shoes with the tissue paper on April Fools Day and Watch them struggle to wear it. They would surely be scratching their heads that how come their shoe get so small over night.

April Fools Jokes # 6: Kid is “Stuck In” Phone

No matter How much Siblings fight with each other, they love each other unconditionally more and are too afraid of losing them. So why not testing their Love on this April Fools Day my playing this Prank.

All you need to do is:

  • Get you Child to Squash up against a Window
  • Take a Photo
  • Set it as a Phone’s Lock screen Background to give a look as the kid is stuck in the phone.

Now show this picture to other Kids of yours ask them how their sibling is stuck in the Phone. Enjoy their reactions.

Do You Want to Know about the Origin of April Fools Day? Click Here

April Fools Jokes # 7: Broken Screen Prank

Kids now a days spend most of their time in front of Tablets and Laptops playing Games and Watching Videos. This becomes the Habit and they have some sort of emotional attachment developed with their Gadget.

So Play with the emotions of you kids on this April Fools Day by Setting a Broken Wallpaper on your kid’s tablet and Turn the Screen setting to “Always Onkitchen’s it would be fun watching them in shock for a While. 😀

For More Prank and Games Ideas for Kids Watch this Video:

April Fools Jokes # 8: Air Bubble Wrap Sheet under the Mat

Just place an Air Bubble wrap sheet beneath the Door Mats and Watch your kids weird reaction when they step on it and listen the pop sounds.

April Fools Jokes for Kids # 9: Spider on Toilet Paper

Draw a Spider in the Toilet Paper and Roll it back until Hidden on April Fools Day. When the Victim will roll out the Toilet paper and see the Spider they would definitely be scared for a second.

April Fools Joke # 10: Cockroach in the Shoes

Hidding a Fake Cockroach or any insect within the Shoes or Sleepers of your Kid on First April can also be a Simplest and cutest Prank to play.

April Fools Jokes for Kids # 11: Pee Splash Back Prank

Lol! This is the Grossest and Evilest but Safe and Simplest Prank to play on April Fools Day. You can play it on your kid, friend or on Stranger in Public Toilet.

All you need is to wrap a Plastic Wrap Sheet on a Toilet Seat in such a way that No Wrinkle appears. Enjoy the moment when the victim would come out of the toilet Wet with their own Pee which Splashed back.

These were 11 Top April Fools Jokes for Kids which are Simplest and Totally Harmless. Remember playing only pranks which are Absolutely Harmless as It may turn into the lifetime regret and Hurt you or Others.

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