Top Google April Fools Pranks

Internet is full of Pranks and Joke played by many Influential People and Organizations on April Fools Day. But Big Tech Giant always take a lead in making their customers fool by playing such a Realistic and forced to believe pranks.

Here are some of the Top Google April Fools Pranks which were Hilarious.

Google April Fools Prank # 1: Get a Job in Google’s Research Center on Moon

google april fools

In 2004, Google started Advertising a Job Vacancy Advertisement stating ” Google Job Opportunities: Google Copernicus Center is hiring “. It was about hiring Eligible Employees for their new Research center located on the Moon. further making it funny they also added the job vacancy for “Massage Therapists” and “Sushi” makers too.

Google April Fools Prank # 2: 1 GB free space on Gmail

This prank was an Absolute clever Marketing by Google. in 2004, Gmail announced that it is offering 1GB of Cloud Storage. This news was written in an Unformal and Funny way which tricked people of thinking that it is just another April Fools Prank.

Actually, this wasn’t a prank but as it was rare in 2004 to get 1GB of cloud storage when Hotmail was offering only 2 MB, people thought it to be. They just played a Double Fake Trick.

Google April Fools Prank # 3: Google Gulp: A Revolutionary Brain Booster Drink

Google Gulp, an imaginary beverage, was declared by Google in 2005. As indicated by the organization, this refreshment would advance one’s utilization of the Google web crawler by expanding the consumer’s insight.

It was asserted this lift was accomplished through ongoing examination of the client’s DNA and cautiously custom-made acclimations to synapses in the cerebrum (a licensed innovation named Auto-Drink; as the “Google Gulp FAQ” proposes, halfway through MAO hindrance).

The beverage was said to come in “4 incredible flavors”: Glutamate Grape (glutamic corrosive), Sugar-Free Radical (free radicals), Beta Carroty (Beta-Carotene), and Sero-Tonic Water (serotonin).

But how to get Google Gulp Drink?

To this Google stated that you can only get your hand on Gulp by giving Used Gulp Bottlecap at your nearest local grocery store. and if you are trying it for the first time then you need to have that used Cap from someone who has already tried it.

Check out Google’s Official Post here:

Google April Fools Pranks # 4: Google Romance

In 2005, when online Dating was something very new, Google was a earliest trend setter by launching Google Romance. Although it was prank but many Sites working now are working on same strategy.

What was Google Romance?

It claims to offer a “Perfect partner Search” to send clients on a “Relevant Date”. A spoof of online dating, it had a connection for “the individuals who by and large support the ‘toss enough stuff at the divider’ way to deal with web-based dating” to Post numerous profiles with a mass transfer document, you scum notwithstanding Post your Google Romance profile.

Tapping on both of these gave a blunder page, which clarified that it was an April Fool’s joke and included connects to past April Fool’s jokes.

Google’s Official Post:

Google April Fools Prank # 5: Print and Send you emails via post Office with Google Paper

Ever thought If Email service wasn’t there and we have to send our letters through the Post Office. This is something Google thought about in 2007 and decided to play a prank on their users by Replacing their Gmail Login Screen with Google Paper Announcement Page on April Fools Day.

What was Google Paper?

It was a service to print and sent the Emails of the clients in the Paper form via traditional Post. Google has since quite a while ago supported clients of its Gmail administration to file, instead of erasing their email. In any case, paper files as well? That was the thought behind the 2007 dispatch of Gmail Paper, which guaranteed to give on-request printed duplicates of messages for clients. The enormous expenses of printing and transporting would be counterbalanced by promotions on the back of each sheet, imprinted in “red, strong, 36-pt. Helvetica.”

Google April Fools Pranks # 6: “Want WiFi Around? Just Flush it Down”

I never though Sewerage line could be so helpful until when Google announced their TiSP (Toilet Internet Service Provider) Service. It is a free broadband internet service provided by Google.

All you have to do is to Flush one end of the Optic Fiber Cable into the toilet with a Weigh Attached. Google’s Plumber would recover your cable’s end from the Sewerage Spillway and attach it to their Routers to provide Internet. Further adding to their Service Features they would also display ads to you according to your fecal output.

Indeed it was one of the most clever and Hilarious among Google April Fools Pranks

Official Google’s Post here:

Google April Fools Pranks # 7: Google Book Scratch and Sniff

Many People (including Me) Love Sniffing Old Books, their Aroma is so much Addicting. So taking advantage of this Fetish Google Decided to Play a Prank by launching Google Book Scratch and Sniff Service.

This segment enabling clients to “Scratch and Sniff” certain books. Clients are asked to “…please put your nose close to the screen and snap ‘Go'”, which then “loads smells”. While tapping on “Help”, clients are diverted to a page in a book that portrays the inceptions of April Fools’ Day.

No doubt Google is Pioneer in coming up with awesome and Amazing April Fools Pranks to which users are easily trapped. So these were some of the Hilarious Google April Fools Pranks, which I liked. I would be sharing more soon.

Even You can enjoy this April Fools Day by playing Pranks on your friend, family and even strangers. If you want some Awesome April Fools Pranks Ideas then Check out the links Below:

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