Top Office Pranks for April Fools Day

Top Office Pranks for April Fools Day

Are you feeling bored at work? or Looking for some Brilliant Office Pranks which you can Play at your Office mate even on April Fools Day? Then this Post is just for You.

There is no doubt that We all need some fun everyday to make us feel good as doing the same thing again and again on daily basis make us Fed up of our life and even get us into diseases like Depression, Frustration and Anxiety.

So here are Some the Top and Brilliant Office Pranks Ideas which you can Play on your Office Mates on any Regular day or Even Birthdays and April Fools Day.

Office Pranks Idea # 1: Giant Hand Prank Machine

I am Starting the List with a Best and Most Hilarious Office Prank Video I found on the Internet. You would Also for sure ROFL after watching it.

These Guys made a Giant Hand out of Foam and Attached it to a Spring and placed it to an Entrance. They Waited for the Victim to reach within the Target range of the Prank Machine and then Released it to Hit him down on the Floor. Lol! That was Pure Evil.

Its Indeed the Evilest and may have turned harmful of this Giant Hand would have hit at a wrong angle and time on the Victim. But I was Absolutely Amazed at this Funny Prank Idea that How they managed to make such a Giant Prank Machine.

Office Pranks Idea # 2: Soy Sauce Surprise Prank

This Prank can turn out to be real Great If done in a Right Way. Actually You are going to make a drink which looks like a Coke but its Actually Soy Sauce. Serve this Special Drink to your Office mate and Enjoy watching him/her Spiting it out of Disgust.

Here are the Steps You need to Follow to make it Possible:
  • First of All, You need to have a Dark Colored Beverage like Coke, A Sprite and Soy Sauce
  • Empty the Coke Bottle, as you only be needing its Bottle not the Drink
  • Pour the Sprite into the Empty Coke Bottle
  • After the Sprite, Add Soy Sauce into the bottle until its color turns the same as the Coke Drink.

Special Beverage is now made. Simply put this Special Coke into the Fridge of the Victim or simply offer him on April Fools Day. The Best thing is, when the Victim will open the Bottle , the Same Cap Opening Sound like of fizzy drinks would come also out. Enjoy the Moment

Office Pranks Idea # 3: Big Big Gift

Presenting Gifts to the Loved ones is the best way to express love to them especially on special occasions like Christmas, New Year. So why not Gifting them a Prank on April Fools Day? Just Gift Wrap whole their Cubical Office Room and present it to them as their Big Big Surprise Gift. 😀

Before Wrapping it from Outside, Just Wrap each and everything Inside of the Victim’s Office and Further add to their Surprise. hahahaha..

April Fools Office Pranks Idea # 4: Set up the Plastic Cup all over your Office’s Corridor

Indeed its a Great Office Prank from April Fools Day to play on your Boss and Office mates but it is also going to be a tough day for the Office Sweeper / Cleaner.

Taking this Cup Prank to Next Level: You can also fill those cup with the any Colored Water and Also stuff them on the Victim’s Table and Everywhere You can find it Possible. Lol! Your Boss is Going to be Mad at You 😀

Office Pranks Idea # 5: A Monster above Me!

Feeling Bored at Work or Its April Fools Day? This Prank can Scare people out of their skin in an instance. All You need to do is place a scary Poster or a Puppet inside your Office’s Room Ceiling and for someone to realize.

Do you want to Know How April Fools Day Started? If Yes, Then Click on the Link Below:

Office Pranks Idea # 6: Mini Golf Ground inside the Office

Find a Moment when your Office mate leaves the office for a While on April Fools Day. And turn their Cubical Office into a Mini Golf Ground Model to give them a Surprise. 😀

Office Pranks Ideas for April Fools Day # 7: All time Famous Jell-O Prank

This Prank took Fame from the TV Series “The Office“. After which almost many of them have played it on their Office mate. I Guess Demand of Jell-O must have raised after this Funny April Fools Prank. Even You can Try it if You have not until Now!

All You need to Do is to get your hand on the Victim’s stationery and Place them into the Liquid Jelly and Leave it to Solidify. After which Serve it on the Victim’s Desk on April First 😀

These were 7 of the Top Office Pranks for April Fools Day. Hoped you liked it. If you have Any idea to share them feel free to share it with us via Comment.

If you want more April Fools Prank Ideas for Office then check out the links below:

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